10 Best Free Classified Apps for Android And iOS

Find the top-rated and best free classified apps for Android and iPhone here. Nowadays there are platforms on the Internet where you can buy or sell different accessories, electronic appliances, and hardware using classified apps for either Android or iOS phones.

Furthermore, if you have things that are out of date, and you wish to sell them, you can do so on these platforms. There are many things you can sell on any classified ads websites. They include computers to mobile phones, automobiles, furniture, and more.

best free classified apps

In this post, I will give you a list of best free classified apps for Android/iOS which you can use to display any merchandise you have at best prices.

Top Free Classified Apps for Android/iOS to Post Online Ads

  1. OLX

olx best free classified appsThis is one of the top free classified apps for Android and iOS phones that let you search and communicate with the person selling the item you wish to buy easily. Also, if you choose to sell, OLX allows you to describe the product, and capture their images, and post it on their platform for potential buyers to view at no cost to you. Download the OLX app today and market your wares.

  1. eBay

ebayThis is a popular app that is available for Android and iOS devices that allows you to organize what you wish to advertise for sale in an orderly manner. This app has a specific option that allows you to auction your things to buyers in case you have a lot of bidders. Furthermore, there is an option you can use to either call whoever is interested in your product or chat with them. This is a fantastic app so, get yours today.

  1. KSL Classifieds

ksl classifiedKSL Classifieds is another popular app among the list of best free classified apps for Android and iOS. Also, you can post any Ads you have and it is shown to all the people that log-in to KSL platform searching for things to buy. In addition, KSL Classifieds, allows you to submit ads for easy purchases, beginning from jobs to cars and other things.


  1. 5miles

5smile5miles is a popular app for an online market that also lets you place things you have for sale on its platform. You can get this app from either Android or iOS store. Many people use this platform hence, you will get ready customers who will buy the products you are selling with this app. The range of things you can sell with the app includes jobs, leases, and renting office spaces of companies, among other things.

  1. Gumtree Classifieds

gumtreeGumtree classifieds is one of the best free classified apps. We are listing it here because you can advertise high-end goods like automobile and home equipment with this app. This app allows you to either buy or sell.

You can get it on Android and iOS. Also, this app allows you to connect easily to whoever is buying your merchandise by chatting with them.

  1. Letgo

letgo best free classified appsLetgo is also another classified app that gives you comfort with whatever you want to sell. It lets you submit images of what you are selling to your buyers for complete closure, understanding, and trust. With the millions of customers on its platform, you will be sure to find absolute ease of marketing your product using this app, which you can get free for Android and iOS users.

  1. Quikr

quikrThis app allows you to purchase, lease and promote things on its platform, Quikr is another free and classified app that is suitable for use. You can get it and use it free for both Android and iOS devices. It has an amazing customer interface that enables you to be able to communicate with your customers better. This app has a lot of list of things you can put up for sales like leases, and more. Get yours now.

  1. VarageSale

varage saleVarageSale is one of the few very secure best-classified apps that allows you to sell or buy things on its platform. This app has a unique way of publicity. It is for people that want to sell their merchandise very discreetly. You can get the app on Android and iOS. In addition, this app allows you to be in close contact with your customers.

  1. Antengo

antengoAnother secured and simple classified app is Antengo for Android and iOS users. This app does everything other apps in this list do such as purchasing, promoting and a lot more. Antengo, allows you to snap images of your merchandise to show any interested buyer in order to build confidence for the transaction to go through.

  1. NL Classified

best free classified appsNL Classified is another platform useable for purchasing and searching various things from laptops to mobiles phones. You can download it free on your Android or iOS, and it is very easy to use and secure. NL Classified, allows you to choose where you would pick up your merchandise if you are buying and to select merchandises based on your budget.


There are many apps that you can use to buy or sell products online, but these apps are the best free classified apps you can get for either your Android or iOS devices. You can get jobs, buy automobiles, sell mobile phones, computers, and leases by using these platforms. Download and use them and send feedback.

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