10 Free Notepad Apps For iPhone And Android Phone

Today, let us talk about free notepad app for iPhone and Android. Notepads can be very useful for you to use. You might want to write or note something down and there is not any pen or paper around. In this case, a notepad app will come very handy.

free notepad apps

10 Free Notepad Apps for iPhone and Android.

  1. Simple Notepad

simple notepadThis is a popular app that most people know that allows you to take notes simply like the name implies for Android and iOS users. Simple Notepad has basic features that come with it like making lists and taking notes and more. It also has a customizable widget that you can resize if you want, it does not connect to the internet though but it is free and easy to use.

  1. Evernote

evernoteThis app is part of the best free notepad apps you would find. It includes abilities that take assortments of notes. Evernote is different from Simple notepad in the sense that Evernote connects to the internet and not only that. It allows you to sync your notes to the cloud so you can restore whatever notes you lose. You can get in on your Android or iOS.

  1. ColorNote

color notesAnother top popular notepad app is ColorNote. This app is very good as its features include letting you text your note, making lists and more. Also with the implying name, this app gives and comes with, you would know that is has a variety of colours that you can select from. Some of this app other features include backing up your notes to the cloud and on your Android or iOS.

  1. Google Keep

google keepGoogle Keep is a popular notepad app that does a lot relating to the features that came with the app useable on your Android or iOS. Useful features like material designing and colours allowing you to select from a lot of categories. It is also accessible for online backup like most of the app on this article.

  1. OneNote

onenoteThis is another popular wide used app useable for your Android and iOS devices. This app was created by Microsoft and lets you take notes and back them up also on your Google Drive. This app is full of features like adding images, features collaboration, voice recognition and text.


  1. Notebook By Zoho

notebook by zohoNotebook by Zoho is another popular app that does a lot of things apart from the basic things a notepad app does like having a card-based design for notes. The cards have colours of their own, yellow to text, red for audio and blue for a checklist. Download this app for Android and iOS to see the other various assortments of features included on this app.

  1. Inkpad

inkpadInkpad is one of the fewer apps for taking notes with features like the simple interface and design materials available for Android and iOS. This app allows you to make a to-do list app to keep your work in order, other than that, it has features you will need.


  1. Easy Note

easynoteThis is another app you can get on easily on Android or iOS, providing you with a more authentic experience. You can type notes, write on them, edit the kind you would like and then draw on them. You are allowed to make sketches and other types of different features that come along with this app.


  1. Diary

diaryDiary is a very easy to use app that does a lot of basic things allowing you to create a protected note pad using a password to access it. The app features include you turning your notes to PDF files. Having an interface that is amazing for users of either Android or iOS, making you put what you think daily into good use. This free notepad app is good and efficient that is why it is part of this list.

  1. GNotes

gnoteGNotes is one amazing app that is very useful to use as it allows you to make a colourful, material designed interface, that makes it look good for either your Android or iOS devices. The app also lets you use audio, images, and videos for your notepad, allowing your work easier.



If you do not have a good notepad or your notepad is faulty and you feel a need to change it, this article lists the top 10 free notepad app you can use with complete ease on either your Android or iOS devices. You would find these apps suitable to use if you ever choose to get them.

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