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5 Best Project Management Software Free Download (Windows & Mac)

In this article, I will list 5 best free project management software for Windows and Mac Computer. It was discovered from a survey carried out by Atlassian in the US that Teamwork matters. They got this information from 90 percent of the companies who say that complex projects can only be solved by teams that work together. Teamwork means using the right tools, right people, and right practices and bringing them together to share responsibilities. So without the right tools, teamwork will not be effective even when the other parts are present. Managing a team is about coordinating the people that are collaborating to achieve the goal or project they are working on. As you know, managing people is hard work and communication among teams is even harder to achieve. Besides, poor communication in a team doing your projects leads to stress.

Free project management software

This will also make your company underperform and fail to satisfy your customers. If this continues your business will make a loss at the end of the year.

Importance of Project Management Software

Fortunately, free project management software is available to help you manage your projects and teams more efficiently. These apps will measure your tasks, completed tasks, the time spent and then compare that to the end results over the longer term. Also, they are the best productivity tools that will keep you and your team performing at their peak on all your projects.

Moreso, even if they have not used project management software before, the ones in this list are simple to use. Besides, they will increase your team’s productivity. The best part is that you can use them free, to make sure all members of your team, work more efficiently. So without wasting time, let me give you 5 of the best free project management software you can download for Windows and Mac computers.

5 Best Project Management Software free download for Windows & Mac

  1. Paymo

Free project management software-paymoPaymo has both free and paid versions. Its free version is in this list of free project management software. This app allows only one user. Therefore, it is good for those that have small Teams and Freelancers. You can use this software to monitor billable hours and for invoicing your clients.

Besides, tracking finance, you can use the app to arrange project timelines, create to-do lists, and have details of your project’s budgets if you have many projects at the same time.

Some of its features include:
  • Use of Kanban Boards
  • You can monitor Time of teams
  • And share files and it also has Adobe CC Extension
  • Capacity to do reporting on projects with ease
  • And you can have up to three Invoices to use
  • Besides, it is free for one user and you have access to 1 GB storage.
  1. Teamweek

Free project management softwareTeamweek is a free project management software that you can use on your windows or mac operating systems. You can use this tool to visualize or find out which project are complete and those that are not. It can also automate the way you delegate tasks to your team members. Also, this software is useful if your team usually collaborate with other departments on projects.

Some of its features include:
  • Gantt-chart visualization monitors key deadlines and projects
  • You can integrate the software with Slack, Github, Evernote, and many others
  • It offers a Team collaboration feature by shared calendars and task notes
  • Lastly, this app is free to use for a limitless number of projects for up to five team members
  1. Teamwork

teamworkTeamwork is a free project management software that you can use to bring teams working on the same project that are in different locations. It also lets you make member status updates which enables your remote team members to know their flexible colleague’s work schedules. Also, the app comes with customer service features like being able to view customer’s emails and assign tickets in one interface.

Some of its features include:
  • You can modify navigation to give priority to your team’s needs that are more urgent
  • It has a Gantt chart for visualizing project timelines and due dates
  • Also, it comes with Private messaging, and you can choose to make project details private
  • It shows Team member status updates for far-off or flexible team members
  • And it is free for two to five users.

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  1. Zoho Reports

zohoZoho Reports is another software in this list of free project management software. The software is simple to use and you can make complete dashboards with it. You can also do data visualizations to make sure your projects reach their timelines and goal easily. Besides, this software lets you import data from third-party files, Cloud drives, applications, and in-house apps. This feature helps you to produce more accurate reports that will achieve the common goals of the organization and its team members.

Some of its features include:
  • It offers a simple drag-and-drop interface with BI visualization tools
  • It gives you the capacity to share and collaborate on reports and dashboards with co-workers in private.
  • Besides, you can add Cloud BI reporting tool in your own website or product.
  • This app is also integrated with Slack, Google Apps, Dropbox, and mobile apps, to make team collaboration simpler.
  • Moreover, it is free for one project with multiple users and you have access to storage of up to 10 GB
  1. Wrike

wrikeWrike is an excellent free project management software for Teams who desire the flexibility of customizing workflows. The Teams can also edit and revise projects in the platform itself. With this tool, you can color code and layer calendars. Also, Wrike’s mobile platform allows co-workers to update project information on the move. The app features the ability of users to add comments to sections, videos, and documents. Furthermore, they can also create custom fields to export the most relevant data to your organization.

Some of its features include:
  • Having tough security procedures to ensure only personnel that is authorized have access to information.
  • It shows the activity Stream of team members. Hence, this lets project managers micromanage small tasks. Also, it lets them see activities in sequential order and to tag team members.
  • The user has an option to unfollow activities. This is to make sure that their own personal Stream is not cluttered.
  • It has Email and Calendar synchronization.
  • Also, it comes with integrated editing and approval features
  • And it is free for five team members


In this post, I listed the best 5 free project management software that you can use with Windows and Mac computers. They are the best you can get to improve your team’s productivity and increase the satisfaction of your clients, workers, and your company’s profitability. Try any of them today free.


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