15 Best Free Proxy Sites 2019 (unlock Facebook/video sites etc)

Have you ever heard of free proxy sites before? I guess not. Today, the general public is more aware of the VPN (Virtual Private Network) than proxy websites. This article will tell you all you need to know about free proxy websites. They work perfectly well irrespective of your location. Whether in the UK, Canada, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, India, Australia, the USA, Pakistan, UAE, Ukraine… name it.

Some proxy sites are available for free without any form of payment while most VPN services are usually paid service, resulting in a variety of features. Just like most VPN, proxy websites are aimed at giving you the web privacy you desire, offering you a way of accessing websites that are blocked by your ISP, a governmental institution or even your office. Hmm! sounds interesting right!

Let’s get on with it then. Today, in this article we will be discussing in depth 15 best free proxy websites.


  1. Whoer.netWhoer.net

Whoer.net: This exceptional choice server is among one the best free proxy websites, it can change your address rapidly and it can play out a test to check your web connection speed. This free proxy website also offers an additional seven to nine distinct servers. Amazing! isn’t it?

  1. HidesterHidester

Hidester intermediary webpage is another proxy website that is free. It features additional free web proxy with the chrome extension store. Hidester has various features that highlight it as one of the best free proxy sites, SSL encryption bolsters it. It also protects the user from malicious contents that can be destructive to the computer system.

  1. Mega ProxyMegaproxy

Mega proxy is very unique in relation to other free proxy sites. It shrouds your IP as well as covers the working framework. This makes following by any programmer or security administration troublesome. It also has additional features expelling promotions from pages, overtly removing redundancy.

  1. DontFilter.UsDontFilter.Us

Boom proxy or dontfilter.us is another free proxy website that offers page encryption and content expulsion. It is a proxy site with great speed. This free proxy server gives you protection by concealing your IP address, the main lacking of this site is that it is hard to use in sunlight.

  1. 24 proxy

Our best free proxy websites list will be incomplete without the inclusion of the fabulous 24proxy. It enables users to perform web surfing namelessly. It ensures security from programmers and spies alike. This proxy website is very easy to use. What you need to do is type your URL, and afterwards prepare to visit the blocked site.

  1. Hideme

Another example of a free proxy website is Hide.me. Just like its name, its job is to optimally conceal you. Also, it gives a membership VPN administration to its clients and it’s free from promotions and pop-up windows. Hideme gives you some remarkable highlights like blocking destructive contents and controlling treats.

  1. CyberghostFree proxy sites - Cyberghost

Cyberghost is a free proxy website that enables you to get to blocked sites while keeping you unnoticed by them. subsequently, Cyberghost covers your tracks completely, not even your internet service provider(ISP) will know what destinations you visited and what you search. It completely outmanoeuvres any tracking agent or programs.

  1. NewIPnow

Newipnow is a free proxy site that allows its users to browse the internet with full safety and feasibility. Just as the name implies, it offers IP address from different countries, from which you can choose which is most suitable for you. It also has a Firefox extension, for Mozilla users.

  1. Zend 2

You can’t possibly be talking about proxy websites that are completely free without mentioning a proxy like zend2. This free user proxy website offers an amazing feature like enabling and disabling page and URL encryption, cookies, objects and java or HTML scripts. Alternation of any kind is not supported ones you start browsing.

  1. Proxyturbo

Proxyturbo is another free proxy website that offers anonymous web browsing and access to blocked websites, like Facebook and Youtube. It not only offers web browsing privacy but also provides SSL encryption for more privacy protection.

  1. Privoxy

Privoxy is a free proxy website that enables the users to customize web proxy settings, control cookies and alter web page data. Users can remove adverts and other internet junks by using this proxy site.

  1. Torfree proxy website - Tor

Tor proxy web browser is among the most used and trusted proxy websites. It’s majorly used for freedom while visiting websites. It provides the user with various virtual channels before linking to a website. Tor is a free proxy website that offers unrestricted and uncensored web access, you can easily control your IP address and original location with these proxy websites.

  1. Ninja Cloak

This free proxy Server, just as the name cloaks the user on the web, making them totally invisible to the internet world. It is a proxy site that allows you to freely browse anonymously. It helps you hide your IP address; giving you a free and secure internet surf. It is also straightforward and easy to use, just type in the URL of your desired destinations, and see ninja cloak work.

  1. Blewpassfree proxy website - BlewPass

Blewpass is another free proxy website that dodges web firewalls and filters, providing you online broad access to banned and censored websites like Facebook, Metacafe and Youtube. It keeps records of files accessed on the internet for at least 7 days, making it vulnerable to information stealing. This is the only flaw of this proxy web browser. Otherwise, it is considered as one of the best free proxy websites.

  1. Kproxykproxy.com

Kproxy is a new, excellent free proxy website. Because of its many unique aspects, it is portable and free and it has a free web extension for Firefox and Chrome web browsers. Kproxy is not a separate browser, it’s just a chrome browser with the extension already installed. Kproxy gives you access to 10 different servers. It also allows you to interchange servers as you surf the internet. This proxy web server also supports HTTP websites. Kproxy is much similar to a VPN.


Some proxy websites are usually paid for, which everyone can’t use. However, they are free proxy websites that still leak your private information. These, however, can be covered by using the major key proxy web browsers mention in this article. These proxy websites are safe and secure and would not disclose your identity of information. If you’re a regular user of any other free proxy website, do share with us the choice you find perfect.


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