7 Free Remote Monitoring apps for Android

Certain events require a remote spy app for Andriod. Check out the list of the leading free remote monitoring app for Android.

As a parent or a security concerned guardian, there are certain times when you need to know what your kids or other persons of interests are doing without your consent. For instance, your kids may have access to a lot of Social media sites among many other things that they are not permitted to use.

Also, in this era when cyberbullying is becoming an increasing concern, it is only logical that you utilize free remote spy apps for Android that cannot be detected by them.

Therefore to help you make the right selections, here are the free remote monitoring apps you can use on your Android phone.

Free Remote Monitoring apps for Android – The 7 Best.

1. mSpy

mSpy is one of the most excellent spying tools across the globe. This app contains a lot of special features that give easy access to call logs, locations, messages and many more. This application is not only available as a remote app for your android but also for your Windows, Mac and iOS devices. They work slightly in the background and record all ongoing activities.’

free remote monitoring app for Android


  • This site allows you easy access to messages from a lot of social media applications
  • In addition, mSpy monitoring tool also has keylogger features which allow you access to gaining knowledge on when a person is typing the target device.
  • You can also have easy access to the contacts of the target device by clicking on the contacts within the mSpy web client.


  • However, the ability to record calls, ambient recording or secret camera activation is not available.

2. FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor is a great monitoring app for Android. It is an effective tool that is also quite flexible. In addition, even with only a basic knowledge about computers, you can effectively use this tool. It works great as a remote spy for Android.

FoneMonitor free remote monitoring app for Android


  • With the FoneMonitor app, you can read your target’s Whatsapp messages. It is an excellent free remote monitoring app.
  • You do not need to root your device to use this smart device
  • In addition, it is equally untraceable.

3. AppSpy

AppSpy is another free remote monitoring app for Android that is excellent for spying and parental control. It is also one of the top undetectable Android apps. It is mainly made for devices that run on an Android operating system

AppSpy free remote monitoring app for Android


  • It is completely free of charge
  • You can easily access texts messages and all medial of the Whatsapp for the target device


  • Cannot take screenshots

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4. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is an amazing monitoring tool that also has great features. It can allow you to view logs, Whatsapp messages, messages and completely hover over others.

Hoverwatch remote monitoring app for Android


  • You can access web browsing histories from target devices
  • You can also capture screenshots without any knowledge
  • Access to all major social media apps including Wechats using the HoverWatch.


  • Location tracking is not completely correct
  • You will have to install it physically on the target device

5. ThetruthSpy

ThetruthSpy is an excellent free remote monitoring app for Android that offers great spying tool. It also works in the background, so no noise or sound that leaves a trace.



  • It is an excellent tool to help you gain access to text messages and Whatsapp medial files.
  • In addition, you can have access to LiveLocation tracking tool.


  • this tool is quite challenging to use even for one with an average computer geek

6. Mobile-Spy

Mobile-Spy is an excellent free remote spy app for Andriod that is quite an undetectable tool. It is also quite stable and effective for tracking of a lot of people at once. It is also great for Android operating systems.

free remote monitoring app for Android.


  • You can equally get access to the logs of the target device
  • You can track locations in real-time


  • It is only made for Andriod devices but no support for iOS, Mac and Windows.

7. SpyPhone app

This is an excellent free remote monitoring app for Android devices that is also undetectable. It is quite lovely for monitoring all incoming calls, outgoing calls and missed calls.

SpyPhone app remote monitoring app for Android


  • With this tool, you can delete all files remotely from the target device
  • You can also hack social messaging apps quite easily


  • The dashboard is not quite as unique as other spy applications.


And there you have the list of some of the best free remote monitoring app for Android devices. Feel free to let us know about the tool that works best for you.

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