12 Free Video Upload Sites To Host And Share Your Videos

free video uploading sites
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These days, people use free video uploading sites to upload their recorded video clips. You may upload a video for people to view or for them to recognize you as an expert on a niche topic. The bottom line is that they will stream it. Today, individuals have different reasons for making videos and uploading them for public use.

free video upload sites

Whatever is your reason, just make sure you follow the terms and conditions of these free video hosting platformsFor example, some websites do not permit imitating certified contents and duplication without perfect authorization. Just be guided by their rules.

In this article, I will share with you a list of video hosting sites that are free to use.

Top 12 Free video uploading sites like YouTube.


  1. Netflix

Netflix offers a 30 day period for new subscribers to use and upload their own videos for free. After this period, you will be billed for a new subscription. Apart from giving you endless streams of movies and series 24/7, they allow video uploading on their site and you can do so with ease.

In addition, their website gives you a limited time to get your upload in order. Since they don’t allow duplicate videos, ensure your videos are always fresh.

Netflix free video upload sites


  1. Vine Free Video Uploading Sites

Apart from being able to upload videos on Vine, the website also comes with 30 different languages that you can easily select from. It is an amazing website that also allows you to create short videos and upload them to share with your friends and family. Similarly, Vine has additional features for adding your location and putting your channel options. This is one of the best free video uploading sites.


  1. LiveLeak

Liveleak is another video sharing website like YouTube but they focus more on reality footage and aim at sensitive graphical contents. In Liveleak, you can post about all things politics, riots, war, and other toxic events in the world.

The website does not allow duplicated media content of either music or video. Furthermore, Liveleak gives you a user interface to enable you to choose the number of people to comment on your video posts after you upload them. The platform is in the UK.

liveleak free video uploading sites

  1. YouTube

This site is one of the best hence they need no introduction. The website is one of the most popular platforms for uploading and sharing videos. It is widely used by individuals who upload free videos consistently. You can also share content on this site as long as you don’t violate their terms of use.

Furthermore, you can earn some money on YouTube with the contents you upload. For example, all you need to do is put an Adsense code to your video channel. If your content is valuable, people will click on some of the advertisements Google displays there.

In addition, the website allows you to upload contents in Avi, mp4 and other popular formats. There are assorted videos you can upload and watch ranging from educational, recreational, even personal videos. By the way, I hope you know that Google is the owner of YouTube. The official website of YouTube is


  1. Vimeo

Another site that lives up to their reputation is Vimeo. They have a wide range of people that use their site to upload videos all the time. They generate heavy traffic on their site to get tens of millions of people who use their site monthly. Unfortunately, they limit the number of times you can upload and the size of the video you can upload for a free account.

Therefore, if you want larger capacity and advanced features you should upgrade and pay for it.

Free video upload sites - Vimeo

  1. Dailymotion (Unrestricted Video Uploading Sites)

This is another famous site that is almost as famous as YouTube and Netflix. They get tens of millions of followers on their site each month. Dailymotion is a French-owned website. They are not very strict on some regulations like other sites. Also, they permit you to upload videos with longer duration even if it is up to one hour with a big size up to 2 gigabytes.

The best part is that you do not have to pay for using the website. The video quality is set at 1280*720px by default. In addition, you can also tag channels and share. Needless to say, the categories on this site are all-embracing and broad.


  1. MySpace

The best things you get on myspace unlike the others are the ability to post limitless videos regardless of the size on your account and also share it on other platforms. Videos uploaded by other people are visible for you to view on this site. You can also stream online videos too. Furthermore, you can upload any videos you want without having to worry about the size or quality. Although to use the website to upload videos, you need to either login or create an account.


  1. Ustream

This is a site that has a variety of videos related to technology, politics, and entertainment. You can view any kind you want just by searching for it. Also, users on Ustream, upload more than 1.9 million live happening events all around the world every month. The qualities of videos you can get there range from HD and all these for free. Also, on this website, you have an amazing collection of things to watch and stream.

Free video upload sites: Ustream

  1. Viewster

This is also another site that needs your login before you can carry out any activities. It also has attractive features quite similar to the free video upload sites I mentioned before. The site allows you to share any of your uploaded videos and the uploading process comes with ease just like the streaming process also. Yes, you can also stream Viewster and have nice quality for broadcasting.



  1. YahooScreen

This site also lets you share your videos after you upload them but you must log in to do that. Also, you will need to open a new account if you do not have one with the site.

Like other free video upload sites on this list, they have a nice collection of different categories of videos about movies, finance, music, and politics. YahooScreen also lets you share with other yahoo screen users. It is an amazing website to use if you ever want to use it.


  1. AcFun

Acfun is a website that allows you to take videos and upload them for free and also share them in high quality. They have a wide range of videos on their website but you need to create an account to be able to log in before you can do any of the things you need to do on their website.


  1. Tinypic

On this website, you are allowed to upload videos, pictures and audio on beauty. You can also search for audios, videos, and other things you might be interested in. Tinypic also allows you to share videos you upload and view videos of other users on the site.



In conclusion, we have shared a list of 12 free video uploading sites where you can upload your best videos. Also, in one, you can even earn some money. Visit them today to enjoy those videos and keep sharing more to your friends and families. Always follow the rules they set so that you can have access to these platforms.

Now, it is your turn. Having used some of these free platforms, What is the best video upload site?


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