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WinZip computing developed WinZip software which is used for compressing files. Compressing is not the only thing it does, it also extracts compressed data. It is a trialware archive tool for most Operating systems like Windows, macOS, Android, and also IOS. It creates files in zip format and also unpacks archive file formats. Individuals can get free WinZip for 21 days.

Zipped files or archives may contain one or more documents that are compressed. WinZip is one of the top compression utility that people use nowadays to access those files and the information in them. It is very easy to use with its drag and drop interface and also with the help of the WinZip Wizard.

Free Winzip

Why People Download WinZip for Free?

If you are reading this post, you are no doubt thinking of getting WinZip free version. If your daily operations involve managing, using, and sharing large volumes of data, you might consider getting a free trial of WinZip. It assists its users in protecting, managing, and organizing their files. It is easy to implement for individuals, teams, or even businesses. When you compress your files, you are saving on storage costs. WinZip is a file manager that saves and manages time. Downloading and transferring emails is easy when you compress your files.

Features of WinZip software

WinZip is the number one compressing software out there, it possesses certain features that make it the top choice for users. Let us discuss some of those features:

Interface: WinZip has a very easy to use interface. There will be no difficulties for first-time users to know their way around. Even if you are having problems, the WinZip wizard is there to guide you.

Protecting your documents with a password: All of its compression products come with encryption. WinZip free offers a wonderful and inexpensive means of protecting your intellectual property. Implementing this is very safe and secure.

Faster workflow: It makes your work faster and also with little interruption. It is possible to open, edit, and preview zipped files from a compressed folder without unzipping it.

Backing up and protecting data: You can back up automatically and be sure your files are under protection. WinZip will store them automatically and upload to an FTP site or even email them. However, this feature is only available with WinZip pro.

Benefits of using WinZip for free

  1. Compressing your data to small sizes helps to save storage costs.
  2. When you share your files after compressing with WinZip free, the bandwidth you use is minimal.
  3. It is much easier to upload, download, and share files that are compressed.
  4. Organizing and storing large amounts of data in one single file without ruining their original structures.
  5. You can send large data without exceeding the server’s limits or worrying it will not be delivered.
  6. When you compress data, the space and costs of archiving email are reduced.
  7. Organizing your files will be easy and you will also keep them in check.
  8. Finally, your files can fit easily into portable devices.

Pricing and Plans of WinZip

After your free trial is over and you want to purchase WinZip, there are three plans and they are WinZip standard, Pro, and pro combo.  The WinZip standard is $29.95 per month and the WinZip pro is $49.95 monthly. Finally, the WinZip pro combo is $49.95 every month.

System requirements to download WinZip free

Before you can download the free version of WinZip, your system must meet certain requirements or it will not run on your system. For a Windows system, you need a Windows 7 or later with 128 MB of RAM. A hard disk space of 15.4GB and a screen resolution of 640 x 480 are also necessary. For a macOS, you need a version 10.6 or later with a processor of 64-bit. If your system has all this, WinZip will run smoothly on your system.

How to get WinZip free download

To start your 21 days trial, go to the official website. Click on the “Try it for free” button. Once you click on it, the download should start and it will not take long. Check the bottom left of your browser window and you will see the exe file. Double click on it and the installation window will pop up asking you to run the file. Your WinZip free will start installing, the installation will take a few minutes. After your installation, it will automatically open and be ready for use.


Finally, that is how to download WinZip free. You can take advantage of the free trial and become familiar with the software. You can now start compressing and decompressing your files.


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