Functions of Human Resource Management

10 Key Functions of Human Resource Management

It is vital for every organization to have a defined human resource management protocol and practices. This article explores 10 core functions of human resource management.

Human resource management is the process of recruiting, managing, motivating, developing and the committing of employees to help them become more valuable to an organization.

Functions of Human Resource Management

What is Human Resource Management?

Human resource management is all about raising employees performance to the highest level according to their roles in an organization.

Every organization is made up of employees, therefore, it is the job of the human resource manager to acquire the services of people, motivate them to reach their highest level and ensure that they continue to show their commitment to the organization.

The Human Resource Management or any organization is concerned merely with the administration of employees from the beginning of their employment to the day of their retirement.

In this post, we will now discuss the managerial functions of HRM (Human Resource Management).

Functions of Human Resource Management.

  • Recruitment

It is the job of the HR Managers of an organization to find, screen and select qualified candidates for a particular job role in an organization. The reason for these processes is to acquire the qualified candidates and discourage the unqualified ones from continuing.

Before the start of recruitment, the organization should have executed proper staff plans and determine the number of employees that is needed. Program for the recruits should be based on the annual budget of the organization and the short and long term goals of the organization. Human resource planning and recruiting of employees comes before the actual selecting of the qualified candidates for required positions.

When the selecting and recruiting process is done well,  it reduces the cost of mistakes which include employing incompetent, uncommitted and unqualified employees. Sacking incompetent employees and acquiring new employees is an expensive process.

  • Orientation

orientation program for staff
Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels.

Giving intensive orientation to new employees is one of the primary functions of human resource management in an organization. Orientation is the fundamental step which helps a new employee to adjust himself with the employer and his role in his new job. The employee orientation program should include the vision,  objectives, and goals of the organization and how the new employee can help achieve the short and long term goals of the organization.

An organization’s orientation program should help the new employee know his exact role in the job, accurate job description, assigned duties and the relationship between each position in the organization. Orientation gives the new employees clarification to work actively in the organization.

  • Managing Employee Relations

Employee relations is one of the managerial functions of human resource management because employees are what makes an organization stand. Human resource management should organize activities which will help them learn more about the employees at a more personal and professional level. A healthy and balanced relationship between the employees and employer will come from well-planned employee relations. This is the key to a successful organization.

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  • Maintaining Better Working Conditions

It is one of the duties of the human resource management to provide better working conditions for the employees so that they would like their working environment which will, in turn, lead to much productivity.

Since it is the fundamental duty of the human resource management to motivate the employees, the working conditions must be conducive to the employees.

Human resource management should find a way to provide financial and non-financial benefits to the employees from their various departments.

  • Welfare, Health and Safety Measures

Maintaining the welfare and the health and safety measures of employees is not just a function but is obligatory. Failure of an organization to see to these measures are liable for penal actions by the law. Some of the measures include providing first aid or medical facilities, restrooms and child care facilities, providing a healthy working environment and looking after the safety of employees to avoid workplace injuries and accidents to employees. To see to these measures is essential in every organization. Employee welfare leads to job satisfaction.

  • Development and Training

Development and training is the attempt to improve the present and future performance of an employee by raising the ability of the employee by educating to increase their skills and knowledge in a particular subject. HRM training their staff

Training is given to new and inexperienced employees in an organization and also to experienced employees whose jobs are going through a change. These training programs are to prepare these employees for a higher level of responsibility.

Development and training programs are to ensure that employees are capable of performing their jobs at an acceptable level.

  • Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation monitors the employee performance and determines if it is at an acceptable level. It is the job of human resource management to develop and administer performance evaluation systems although it is the responsibility of supervisors and managers.

Performance evaluation provides the basis for promotion, pay, disciplinary action and is also essential for the development of employees, besides employee feedback is necessary to guide and motivate employee performance improvements.

In order for the human resource management to assess the performance of employees, they have to institute performance standard. The HRM will also have to communicate these standards to the employees and measure the performance of employees with various methods of performance evaluation. They are responsible for comparing employees actual performance with the established performance standards to be able to identify the gaps in the performance of the employees.

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  • Payment of Compensation

Apart from offering the salary, payment or wages to the employees, it is one of the core function of the human resource management to provide compensation in case of accidents or death of the employee during his employment in an organization.

The payment of compensation to affected employees is the duty of every organization, or they face penal action in the court of law. Failure to compensate can be counted as exploitation of workers and will be viewed critically by the court of law. Payment of compensation is the right of every employee for the work they have done and deprived employees can seek justice in the court of law.

It is the duty of human resource manager to determine how much each employee should be paid for the jobs which they perform.

  • Motivating Employees

Motivating employees is one of the primary functions of human resource management. The human resource manager should be able to determine the factors that cause demotivation of employees and change them to the factors that motivate them. When employees are motivated, it leads to much productivity.

HR Manager motivating their staffs

Some of the factors which can lead to demotivation are payment and benefits, organization policies, working conditions, employer reputation and brand, job security, and healthy relationship between employer and employees and also between employees. These factors can be changed from bad to good to help further motivate the employee.

  • Employee Record Keeping

Employee record keeping is one of the key functions of the Human Resource Management. Employee record keeping involves recording, maintaining and retrieving employee-related information for different purposes. These employee records that should be kept are application forms, medical and health documents, employment history, earnings, hours of work, absences and other relevant employee information. Complete and up-to-date employee record keeping is very essential for most personnel functions.

Human resource management has an all-encompassing role in every organization. They need to have a thorough knowledge of the organization.

The goal of every human resource management is to be a bridge between every employee,  their employer and the organization as a whole because of the commitment of every employee is essential.

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