10 Best Games Like Episode (Without in App Purchases)

For those of you that do not know what games like Episode mean. It is a game that was originated from either a movie you watched or series that was so good to watch, a game had to be created for it. Meanwhile, most of these games are very addictive to play. Most people that already know about games like this are either always prepared for it because it is like a challenge for them. games like episode

So, if you are interested also in sort of games likes this remain here and keep reading because I will be listing the 10 best games like Episode apps you can download conveniently with amazing use.

  1. Adventure Capitalist

adventure capitalistAdventure Capitalist is an app favourable for you to use and download on your Android or iOS devices. Since you want to play games like Episode, this app will be fun and intriguing as its sole purpose is all about business and capitals like the name implied. It gives you the ability to start your own establishment as you and have fun while doing it. This game has features from hiring staffs and employees to dominating the market and purchasing upgrades. The app will serve you well if you are interested in playing a very formidable game.

  1. Always Remember Me

always remember meThis game has an origin based on the romantic comedy of the main character and other relative characters in the romantic comedy. This app is available for both Android and iOS users. The game is fixed on a girl that searches for every possible means to help her boyfriend restore his memories by telling him the basis and foundation of what their relationship was built upon. It is indeed a very fun and cool game. As you play along, you will encounter a lot of possibilities that would interest you to keep playing.

  1. High School Story

high school storyHigh School Story is another app among the best games like Episode that you would find really interesting to play on your Android or iOS devices. This app has high school events and lifestyle, it has features allowing work through those possibilities like where to place necessary building and places to decorate school grounds and places to hand fountains to lots more other things.

  1. Spirited Heart

spirit heartThis is another of favourable games like Episode app you would be sure to like. It allows you to create your own avatar and make him have basic developed things other characters on the games have. This game has a lot of difficulties while you play along. And as you play along, it provides you with 6 different characters of its own allowing your quest of finishing the game come with ease on your Android or iOS.

  1. Champion of the gods

champion of the godsChampion of the gods is another fantastic game to play and use on your Android or iOS devices, it has different kinds of levels also, with missions allowing you save people around. This game does not just come all free like the other games in the article, you have to go through with an access of a paid version.

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  1. My Candy Love

my candy loveMy Candy Love is one other amazing app to use for playing games, it is available for both Android and iOS users. it enables to create a love story if you want one though, giving you options to use to create them. Its advancement comes like every other gaming app also where you would have to complete a certain stage before you can finally go on a date at the end of the game.

  1. Hollywood Story

hollywood storyHollywood Story is another game you can play well on your devices like Android and iOS, this app is rather quite popular as it allows you to create that celebrity lifestyle you have always wanted. Personalizing the kinds of things you want on the stars you choose from wardrobe change to the kind of hairstyle they put on to makeup and more, setting them ahead plans and events they have, maybe a talk show or movie set.

  1. Hollywood U

Games like Episode - Hollywood UHollywood U is one of the other favourable games like Episode but mature. The app is available for you to download on your Android or iOS devices. This app is amazing and fun as it is a quality app to use. It enables you to choose the kind of path to fame you want. Perhaps a movie star, a musician, a movie director or any other selection.


  1. City of Love: Paris

city of love parisCity of Love: Paris is a functional and useful fun app you might love to play all the time. This app lets you go to Paris to see things that would make you build yourself and relationships and definitely romance as well. It is a very convenient app to use on both your Android and iOS devices.

  1. Choice of Robots

choice of robotsChoice of robots is another fun game to play and this app is not like romance or searching for love and the rest. It bases itself on allowing you to create the kind of story you want and completing the game. But note that it is not that easy. There are selective types of robots in the app that are they design to change the world. So, it is part of your conquest to show the meaning of love and compassion. It enables you to create your own type of robot on your Android or iOS devices.


This article contains the list of games like Episode that you will download for either Android or iOS devices. These apps have the best features and interest a lot more other created apps do not. So I implore you to try these apps and have fun with yourself.

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