General Features of the Windows Operating System

general features of the Windows operating system
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Recent studies have shown advancement in technology, leading to a high-growth rate of technological products in major cities around the world. This growth in technology has not only been inspired by the motive of making the world a better place but also influenced by the advancement of computers. So, that is why we are treating the general features of the Windows operating systems in this article.  As you are aware, Microsoft Corporation is behind one of the key advancement in the Tech world by coming out with the Microsoft Windows operating system. In addition, the Microsoft Windows operating system is a series of operating systems released by the Microsoft Corporation to enhance user experience and computer interactions. Furthermore, with the release of the latest Windows 10 operating system, we can say that it has accomplished the task of meeting consumer satisfaction.

general features of the Windows operating system

However, before we discuss the general features of the Windows operating system, you may ask, what is an operating system? Well, an operating system or (OS) is system software, that controls all hardware and software functions in an electronic device – Computer, tablet or smartphone.


Over time Microsoft Corporation has released a series of operating systems, due to advancement in technology has gradually improved on newer versions to correct errors that the previous versions had. Here is a quick recap of all the versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system released since it’s conception till date.

  • Disk operating system (DOS)
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • You also have Windows ME millennium edition
  • Windows New Technology (NT)
  • Windows 2000
  • Similarly, you have Windows XP
  • Microsoft windows vista
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • There is Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 is the current and the latest version the Microsoft series of the operating system. They released this application in November 2018, for more on Windows 10 and it’s general features, you can see it here.

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  1. The operating system controls input and output in a computer

As access to particular devices is often essential to cause input and output operations, the operating system coordinates input and output operations on the devices that run it. Also, this allows users to read information from specific websites or print information’s from the comfort of their homes. Furthermore, when you use this feature, you can read information and redistribute it in the computer system and to others.

  1. It is Multi-tasking

One of the other general features of the Windows operating system is that it enables you to perform multitasking actions smoothly and simultaneously. For example, a computer with a Windows 10 operating system, can easily read the information on a disk, display printing results and run complex user programs simultaneously. In addition, the Windows operating systems are examples of multi-tasking or multi-programming operating systems.

  1. It manages Work

You use an operating system for the planning of tasks that the computer system and it’s hardware devices whether input or output does. This is one of the main features of the Windows operating system. They create an order for processing programs.  They also define the sequence that the computer will do a particular task.

  1. It allocates resources

The windows operating system monitors the execution of all programs. This is part of the general features of the Windows Operating System. However, to do these tasks, it creates a table that combines programs in the devices. From this feature, you can see that a computer cannot use a hardware device that is not available.  Similarly, it also monitors all types of devices and applications working in a particular system and allocates resources to them.

  1. It launches programs

Windows Operating systems also function as launchers providing a way to open programs, organize documents and transfer data. All programs are tied to the operating system to function. So, each system has its own software, this is why you cannot run a Windows program on a computer running a Mac X Operating System.

  1. It has a Nucleus or Core

The Core is a key feature of the Windows operating system.  These core provide a way for different applications in a computer system to interact with themselves. The core also manages the RAM, that stores software information. Today, monolithic nuclei are the most popular core used in different operating systems worldwide. Also, most operating systems cores are device drivers for controlling monitors, hard disks and other hardware devices.

  1. It provides a connection between hardware and software

One other general features of the Windows operating system is that it keeps a steady connection between hardware, software and the user interface (GUI). In addition, without it, you cannot use computer resources to perform any task.


In this post, we have given you the general features of the Windows operating system. We also showed you how it works in a computer system. So, what you should take away from this post is that without the Windows operating system, that computer will not run.


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