10 Best Geology Apps for Android And iOS


If you love nature, geological landmarks, and routes, maps, and landscapes of places on earth, you may wish to learn more about the earth and its makeup. And if you are a college student or like most of us, you will go to your favourite search engine to carry out a search. However, if you want to find out more about geology, there are other ways you can do it apart from doing a search. Presently, there are apps that you can download to study geology. So, all you need to do is to get the best geology apps for your Android or iOS device. geology apps

Hence, if you are interested in the geological study, read on as I will give you 10 popular apps that you can use on your Smartphones for the study.

10 Best Geology Apps for Android and iOS

  1. Google Earth

geological apps-Google EarthGoogle Earth is an amazing app you can use for geological study through your Android or iOS device. From the name, you would know that the app was created by the search engine giants Google. The app gives you different features like a flight simulator allowing you to fly over landmarks. It also has street views and a 3Dimmension view that you can easily use on the app for any purpose you want especially for travelling. Get one today.

  1. Flyover Country

Flyover CountryThere are a lot of geology apps you can select from that can provide you with a lot of features. Flyover Country is another amazing app that you can use to give you different things you can learn. Like flight paths, GPS tracking systems, and routes and a lot more. This app allows you to use it without any Internet connection on Android and iOS devices.

  1. EarthQuake

earthquakeThis is a very useful app that you can use very efficiently. It relies on data sources generated in the past. This app like the name implies shows you where earthquakes have occurred in the past. Also, the app has a feature for push notifications to you to give you recent information about earthquakes around the world. Finally, you can get the app for both Android and iOS devices.

  1. Smart Geology

geological apps-smart geologySmart Geology is another app that you can use with a lot of features. Also, this app focuses on minerals in the world. It even gives you a lot of charts with images on them. In addition, another feature it has is the different languages that are on it. The app like Flyover Country does not need an Internet connection for you to use it on your Android or iOS devices.

  1. EarthViewer

EarthViewerEarthViewer is one of the smartest geology apps that you can download on your Android or iOS devices. Also, you can use this app without internet access. In addition, this app gives you information like the bump mapping and the sunlight among other features. Finally, it also has a feature that enables you to get information’s about the oceans, seas, and countries easily.

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  1. iGeology

geological apps-iGeologyiGeology is a great app to use on your Android and iOS devices. The app was created by the British geological survey and it is useful for people living around that area. Also, this app gives you street views of different places, if you carry out a search for them. In addition, it uses your GPS system to know your location.

  1. Geological Timescale

Geological TimescaleGeological Timescale provides you with a lot of information you need to know about geology. Also, it has different types of geological timescale periods. This app gives you information about how old the earth is. In addition, it’s Geological Timescale allows you to ask questions that you cannot get answers to easily from other sources. However, this app provides those answers for you from scientists. This feature is a good reason it is one of the best geological apps that you can get on Android and iOS devices.

  1. Theodolite

geological apps-TheodoliteTheodolite is indeed among amazing geology apps that you can download on your iOS devices. The app gives you different features you would enjoy using. For example, it has its own GPS system among other things like a map, compass, navigation and a lot more. Furthermore, it has a feature different from the other apps such as giving you a map that you can use offline, that has roads, landmarks, ski lifts and trails for you. Get the app now.

  1. Compass

compassCompass is one of the other apps that you can use for geological purposes. If you intend to use this app your GPS system must be enabled on it. You can use it on either your Android or iOS devices. Also, it is very easy to use and it provides you with a very good compass that shows you something like cardinal points.

  1. Sun Activity

geological apps-Sun ActivitySun Activity allows you to do a lot while you use it on your Android device. As part of the best geology apps, it gets information about the sun in your current location. Also, you must have your GPS system enabled in other to use this app. In addition, it allows you to work with a value of Kp-index and k-index using data sources of the earth’s magnetometer.


From this article, knowing the geological landmarks, routes, maps, and landscapes of places on earth are not as hard as it seems. Also, now that you know about these apps you can download any of them on your smart devices and carry out geological surveys to your heart’s content. Also, these are 10 of the best geology apps you can download on both your Android or iOS devices.


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