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Let’s get this fact straight in the start: all recognized certifications look good on the resume. Like a piece of jewellery adorning a face! Certifications can help you learn valuable skills, boost your salary, toughens you up in the competition and of course, increases the possibility of promotion from your current role. IT Certifications courses

It’s a win-win situation for both the employer and you. It is beneficial for employers as they get skilled employees who perform better work faster speeding up services. And you for sure will get a critical edge over the competition. Your employer will see you as a determined employee with some form of demonstrated technical ability.

Since IT is one of the most dynamic sectors undergoing a paradigm shift, it is only clever to invest in a program and make yourself competent.

What Exactly is IT Certification?

Working in an Information Technology (IT) sector requires specific technical procedures or software. Acquiring a professional certification from a certifying authority for the same is known as IT certification. In general, it means an individual acquiring a certification is technically qualified to be given a certain type of position or responsibility within the field. For example, with CCNA Routing and Switching certification, you can build a career of a core network engineer.

To know more about CCNA R&S certification, browse Prepaway Exam Questions and Test.

Obtaining an IT certification will include a course of study, hands-on experience, and an assessment of a specific set of knowledge skills. Getting an IT certification helps you harness your tech skills and elevate your career.

An important point to note is that there is a difference with certifications in IT. They are mostly vendor-specific.

Experience vs Certification

To argue righteously on the debate of certifications versus experience. Let’s not forget the fact that experience matters a lot in the IT sector. People have different opinions. Some say certifications are worthless while other views it is an absolute requirement sighting the dramatic changes in the industry. In the end, it’s to find a balance between both. From certification will come many opportunities knocking at your doctor. And from experience, you can grab those opportunities and scale new heights in your career.

Why IT Certifications?

IT certification plays a major role in acing your career. The major reasons for IT certifications are as follows:


IT certifications basically prove your proficiency in a specific area of interest. Credibility is the main reason for opting for IT certifications. At the entry level, when you go out seeking for a job, the first and foremost thing you’re expected to present are certifications. Certifications will be holding you accountable for that particular job. A company or an employer would basically expect a certification from the candidate before assigning any project to the person. As soon as they get an assurance or sense of credibility, you’re in for the job or assignment. IT certification is basically a validation of the designation you are opting for.


IT certifications play a major role in shaping your career. These certifications not only make you a credible person but also help you to market yourself in the IT sector. For example, if you are pursuing your graduation and have a basic certification in any area of interest, it may help you a lot when you seek out job after completion of studies.

You put yourself ahead of those candidates who do the certification courses once they graduate from the college. If you have certain IT certifications, the IT professional does not recognize you as a novice and you get a job easily. If you possess a number of certifications in the IT sector, then it proves that you have an interest in the field as well as you possess a varied knowledge of the sector. The potential employers recognize you as a person who is committed to the IT sector as you devote your time and money in gaining those certifications.

According to the experts, if you possess the right certifications then there are chances of a 5-7% increase in your pay than the other employees. Certifications are important as they let the clients trust you hence increases the chances of your job.

Personal Development

There are a number of perks of doing IT certifications and one of those perks is gaining personal and professional development. IT certifications are not just a paper which validates that you are skilled enough for a job but while doing those certification courses you get to understand so many things that you never knew. You develop yourself into a better person. Since IT is a very dynamic sector and it keeps on updating itself with time hence if you are updating your certifications regularly then you are always updated with the newer terms in the IT sector. Certification courses do not just implant new skills in you but also, they help improve your knowledge of other areas. These courses help in providing you with proficiency over an area of interest.

Certifications have many advantages, as it helps you to interact with other IT professionals who also share the same interest as yours. While pursuing these courses you get to know so many things and eventually, you are developing yourself into a better professional person. One of the most important perks of doing certification which is also neglected a lot is personal satisfaction. In the end, it is not just about the job and promotions but when you get to learn something new you feel happiness from inside. You feel satisfied because you have acquired new skills or have achieved proficiency.

Certification Options

As we all know IT is probably the largest sector nowadays hence there are tons of opportunity in the field. With a varied sector arises the requirement of a person with varied skills. There are a number of certification options but you need to clear your mind about your interest. So many top-notch companies like CompTIA, Cisco, RedHat, Microsoft, and more offer different kind of certifications which allow you to get all necessary benefits. For example, Microsoft offers MTA certifications for starters, MCSA for specialists, MCSE for experts and MCSD for developers.

To find more about Microsoft certifications, visit the Microsoft official website.

You need to understand a few things; whenever you opt for a job, the hiring manager also checks your experience sometime. So you cannot be so sure of getting a job by just doing the certification courses hence if your primary requirement is to get a job then get a certification which will fetch you jobs easily.

The second thing is that you need to know how certain things work in your life hence if this is what you aim for then do a certification in the areas you are curious about.

And the third thing you should pay your attention to is preparation for the certification exams. After checking the official vendor’s website, you’ll search on the Internet for more optional resources to enhance your preparation process. Among the numerous websites available, check PrepAway first of all. It’s one of the most reliable sources that offer the most valid and updated braindumps for your certification exam. These files are uploaded at PrepAway by the real exam takers, which means that you’ll be aware of the questions present on the exam paper. In addition, PrepAway offers you the dumps carefully checked by IT experts. This material is not for free but is highly reliable and is sold at an affordable price. On top of that, you can find a great collection of video tutorials to deepen your skills and feel yourself confident at the real exam. Anyway, if you are in doubts whether to download the file or not, ask the users on the websites, they all need to get more information about the exam, so, speaking figuratively, you are in one boat and sharing the information is your key to success.


Final Word

So, we hope you’ve got a clear picture of the basics of IT certifications. So, whether you’re working in an enterprise, a small business, government or any health care sector, advance your career by getting an IT certification course. Use the most actual prep material for your certification exam from PrepAway website and tackle the exam questions easily.

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