10 Best Ghost Hunting Apps for Android And iPhone 2019

People try to find things to do by adding them to their activities. Some of these people are investigators. Ghost investigators if you say and they try to find the known but for some of these people they need a tool and they look to where to acquire that tool. That is where they go in search for things that can help them find the things they need and one of those things is ghost hunting apps.

10 best ghost hunting apps

These apps are a lot in order and for you to get in your possession easily by just downloading and you can get them on either your Android or iOS. So, really pay attention because below I will be listing the number of apps you can download for hunting ghosts.

  • Ghost Hunter

ghost hunterGhost Hunter is one of the best ghost hunting apps you should consider getting. This app is very efficient and easy to use and would work at your own pace. You can easily get this app on your Android or iOS, it allows you to hunt for ghosts through an EMF instrument that would also use your device’s magnetometer and measure the surrounding magnets field around you. You can even use this app without being connected to the internet whenever you want.

  • Ghost Hunting Tools

ghosting hunting toolsGhost Hunting Tools is an amazing and fun application that is also easy to use and convenient allowing you to easily detect ghosts nearby making it easy for you to prank people around you. Like the previously mentioned app in this article Ghost Hunting Tools allows you to detect using an EMF meter using your device either Android or iOS, detecting ghosts and hunting them.

  • Ghost Hunter in City Simulator

ghost hunter in city simulatorGhost Hunter in City Simulator is another quality and easy-to-use app with its contents offering you a way to detect and hunt ghosts with your Android or iOS devices. This app like the name implies, allows you to go into your city in other for you to search for ghosts roaming about the parks, garages, roads and more places so you can capture them.

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  • Spirit Board

spirit boardSpirit Board is another easy-to-use app that allows you to easily detect and capture ghosts around where you are. This app has a feature different from the other apps in this article, it allows you to detect ghost around you by using the camera on your Android or iOS device. Having a plus that comes with incredible animated graphics in high definition and quality sound effects for you to use.

  • Ghost Detector Radar

ghost detector radarGhost Detector Radar from the name it could already be obvious what the app is mainly for, it allows you to have a radar enabling you to detect ghosts and hunt for them with the quickest ease. This app can be gotten on your devices easily, for Android and iOS users, easy to access and use. It even allows you to engage in a chat with people and get into communications with them and talk about ghost hunting.

  • Ghosthunters 3D

Ghost hunting apps - Ghosthunters 3DGhosthunters 3D is part of other amazing ghost hunting apps that enables you to search hunt and capture ghosts. This app does not just let you hunt for ghosts only, it also lets you search for zombies and hunt them as well. It gives you the greatest ease and comfort to use and it does not require any special login or sign up. Easily get this app on Android or iOS devices for simpler use.

  • Ghost Sensor

ghost sensorGhost Sensor is one of the other apps you should download as fast as you can because this app features an algorithm of EM4 allowing you have a strong signal that enables your device to be accurate and stable at searching for ghosts. It enables you to even scare your family and friends when you search for ghosts as a prank on your Android or iOS devices.

  • Ghost Radar Legacy

ghost radar legacyPresenting part of other ghost hunting apps is Ghost Radar Legacy coming with ghost hunting tools allowing you easily detect ghosts around you on your Android or iOS. Having an advanced interface that is different from the other ghost hunting apps in this article, allows you to record your voice and activate it for self-recognition. So whenever you say something the app picks it up to search for things like that.

  • Paranormal EMF Recorder

ghost hunting apps - paranormal emf recorderParanormal EMF Recorder is another useful and accessible app easy to use and efficient on either your Android or iOS device. It also uses an EMF attachment but mainly for recording and providing you with detection. Like every other ghost hunting apps, this app allows you to detect ghosts allowing you use your Smartphone camera.

  • Ghost Observer

ghost observerGhost Observer is available for Android and iOS users enabling them to search for ghosts with their Smartphones. This app is very easy to use and it also has an algorithm that enables you to search for a ghost with all-out ease. This app also detects voice effects allowing you to detect ghosts around you.


There are tons of apps created for ghost hunting but the apps listed above in this article are the best ghost hunting apps you would find to use with the greatest ease and comfort without giving you any problems.

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