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10 Best GIF Keyboard Apps (Android/iPhone) 2019

GIF keyboard apps
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A regular Android keyboard is somewhat boring and completely not fun. With all the variety of GIF and emojis, we have on display these days. It is known and also tested, that texting and chatting with GIF and emoji expression is more fun and conversational in terms of general communication. Regular Android keyboards are void of this function. Relatively, we have crafted a list of the best and top rated GIF keyboard apps that enables you to chat with friends and family in a more different way and with a better experience.

best GIF keyboard apps

GIF’s are animated pictures and they enable us to express our feelings and thoughts in a more conversational way as we text and chat with friends and people in general. Now, in the app store across all platforms, they are uniquely developed keyboards with tons of GIF’s expressions built in them. We’ll be discussing majorly the best of these apps and where to find them. Without delay, here is our list of the Top 10 best GIF keyboard apps for android and iOS.

Top 10 Best GIF Keyboard Apps for Android And iPhone.

  1. GIF Keyboard

GIF Keyboard by tenor

Sending and receiving GIF is the new order of the day on various social media platforms like Facebook, and Whatsapp. Finding a good GIF keyboard is not a problem anymore, as you can send tons of GIF to anyone, anywhere with GIF keyboard by Tenor. With a GIF Keyboard app of this kind, you can add the much-needed tone to your online chat conversations; send the correct GIF that perfectly fits the moment and mood. Expressing yourself in the most fashionable and animated way possible. Get this Awesome GIF keyboard app on the PlayStore and AppleStore now.

  1. Kika keyboards – emojis, GIFs

Kika keyboards

Kika keyboard is one of the best for Android and iOS devices. This mobile app enables users to type fast, with cool typing features like ultra intelligent predictive text, smart auto correct, emoji and more. Along with it’s typing features it also contains more than 1600 emoji’s and themes, giving users a new typing experience with better performance as a keyboard. Get Kika here for Android and iOS platforms.

  1. Joy keyboard

Joy Keyboard

Joy keyboard is a newly introduced GIF keyboard app for Android phones. It has the best-integrated GIF features and functionality. With this amazing, users can easily transform images of their self or object into a new type GIF or emoji. With included features for typing, Joy keyboard meets the standard. Download Joy keyboard from the PlayStore now.

  1. Cheetah Keyboard – Emoji and GIF keyboard.

Cheetah Keyboard

Using GIF is a smarter way to reply or start a new conversation. It coveys a new type of message meaning that is instant and exact. Cheetah keyboard performs best this quality, it is a GIF Keyboard app with a collection of 4D Themes, Awesome emoji’s and fascinating GIF which will personalize your typing and add fun to your conversations. This app can also improve typing efficiency with additional typing features like al-powered predictions and auto correction tools. Get this awesome app on the Android PlayStore now

  1. FancyKey – Keyboard


Just like the name, this apps contains a list of fancy themes, emoji’s and most especially GIF’s to customize the user experience and suit individual personality. With amazing fonts to add style and beauty to your text messages and chat conversations. FancyKey is one app you got to have. Additional features like an advance autocorrect engine, swipe input method and accurate prediction are enormously present in this timely app. Download from AppleStore now.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is a GIF keyboard app that includes great features regarding text messaging support. With a good collection of GIF’s, Ginger poses a threat, as one of the best GIF keyboard apps on our list today. Available exclusively for Android, this app also contains grammar and spell check features to assist users to type better.

  1. SwiftKey Keyboard

With an amazing collection of GIF and emojis available to users. This app helps users express their feeling in their different personal messaging platforms. A search tool feature that allows users to search for their favourite GIFs from an in build library is also included. With personalize keyboard layout and beautiful themes to customize your keyboard improving the user-typing experience. Download from AppleStore now.

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  1. Fleksy – GIF, Web and Yelp Search

This Keyboard is officially fast and offers a fun and best way to customize your typing and messaging experience. Fleksy is a good GIF keyboard app available on the iOS platform. With customizable GIF and emoji to completely personalize your typing and customize your keyboard.
Download Fleksy for iOS now.

  1. Smile Emoji keyboard – Cute Emoticons

Smiley Emoji keyboard is a good app with cool features like auto suggest GIF and emojis, with fast typing and swipe typing that allows for quick messages. This GIF keyboard app contains colourful keyboard themes, stylish fonts and smart GIF’s. Get This GIF keyboard app for Android now.

  1. Xploree Al keyboard – festive themes and GIF’s

This app is the world’s most Al powered keyboard app that can do just more than typing. It makes typing easier, faster and smarter. With an effective collection of GIF’s, more than 1200 emoji and many colourful animated themes. This app can access more than 150 languages around the world. Create your own personalized themes and enjoy all the messaging fun you can with this fun app.


Millions of people search on different storage platforms for best GIF keyboard apps for their different devices, some end up installing a wack app, others are not convinced by the different choices they saw. The above-listed apps are prominent and first best in the business, take your time, pick one that uniquely matches the description of what you want, then install it for the best typing and chatting experience. You don’t want to be left behind, get one of those apps today.


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