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10 Best GIF Photo And Video Maker Apps for Android And iPhone

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Did you know that you can make your own animated GIF photo and even Video with mobile apps? Oh yes! There are tons of GIF photo & video maker apps on google and apple stores with which you can make your own animated GIF. As much as GIF it is fun, they are even more fun when you create your own. Also, they are now commonly used on everyday chat platforms. Some people say that using GIF’s have become a new way to express different feelings and different emotions on a daily basis.

GIF photo & video maker apps

Creating a GIF is easy, as they will become not only social but personal for you to express very deep feelings. If you’re one of those people looking for ways to create a GIF’s for personal or social use, they are not just one but many useful free mobile apps to simplify the process and save you time and energy. In this article are 10 of the best GIF photo and video maker apps for both Android and iOS devices.

10 Best GIF Photo Video Maker Apps For Android & iPhone

  1. GIFO Best GIF Photo & Video Maker

GIFO – Best GIF Photo & Video Maker

You can use a virtual network, with ease to make and share the animated GIF on GIFO. In addition, you can also make memes, interactive GIF with speed levels like a slow mode GIF. Also, users can apply filters, frames, fonts and colorful texts to their newly created content. Additional options, to save and use newly created GIF’s are also included.

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  1. GIF Maker, Photo & Video Maker, GIF Editor, Video to GIF

GIF Maker, Photo & Video Maker, GIF Editor, Video to GIF

Whether you are making a GIF from Videos or from images, this app proves to be great. Also, it has the best call options for the task. In addition, you can instantly save and share these GIF on Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. This mobile app platform also provides a platform to edit, GIFs, with compressing and resizing. It also includes cropping and trimming options. Mobile users can also apply beautiful filters, frames, and stickers to their GIF.

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  1. GIF Maker – Photo & Video to GIF, GIF Editor

GIF photo & video maker apps-Photo & Video to GIF, GIF Editor

Making GIF just got better and easier with mobile apps of this kind. You know it’s exciting to think of the possibility of converting even video files to GIF. Also, this awesome application can carry out this task without any minimal disruption or delay. In addition, with this app, you can merge images together to make a GIF, you can even convert a screen recorded video to a GIF if you want. Converting GIF to videos too is allowed on this app.

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  1. GIF me! Camera GIF Maker

GIF me! Camera GIF Maker - Photo & VideoThis app creates the best way to make GIF and short videos with options to save and share them on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Emails. Also, it has features like real-time color filters for video recordings. In addition, it has options to remove watermarks, add stickers, and change video modes. Finally, you can also create a variety of GIF like stop motion, wiggle and time-lapse GIF respectively.

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  1. GIF Maker HD Quality

GIF Photo & Video Maker HD Quality

Create High-quality GIF, with any picture or photo of your choice, this app makes it easy to convert photos into GIF. With additional options to adjust speed and time duration between each slide of GIF frames. Try this app today.

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  1.  GIF Maker

GIF photo & video maker apps-GIF Maker

With this mobile app, users can easily make funny GIF images from multi-images and different video formats and easily share them with friends and family members on different platforms. Creating GIF is easy and fun with this mobile app, as it allows you to easily create them with in-built app tools with options to view them anytime you want. In addition, the newly created GIF will automatically be saved on your device storage for use later.

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  1. PicArt GIF Maker


You can covert all your favorite images to GIF if you choose to with this app. The steps have been broken down and are completely very easy and quick with GIF photo and video maker apps. With this app, you can easily convert up to 20 selected images to GIF’s and share them directly on social sites like Facebook and Whatsapp. In addition, you can also set regulated speed length on how you want your GIF to appear and work.

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  1. GIF x – Best GIF Video Maker

-GIF photo & video maker apps-GIF x

Exclusive to IOS Devices, this app, not only makes GIF but, also lets you add all your animated GIF’s with background music to personal images and video recordings. Additional options to customize your GIF in terms of size, opacity, and name are also included. You can even mask different areas of your newly created GIF for new levels of creativity. Also, there are more features that allow users to add effects to Newly Created GIF like music in this app.

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  1. GIPHY – Animated GIF Search Engine

GIPHY – Animated GIF Search Engine

This platform possesses one of the highest numbers of GIF on a mobile app. It is inevitably among one of the best GIF photo and video maker apps for Android and iPhone devices respectively. This mobile app features a GIF camera, that helps you record video clips for GIF conversions. It also includes interactive GIF with a search function that helps you find the exact GIF you want to use.

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  1. GIF Photo & Video Maker – GIF Editor

GIF Photo & Video Maker – GIF Editor

Options to Cut and Crop Videos in order to create a GIF are key features of this mobile app. It provides additional options to edit newly created GIF contents before actually saving or sharing them publicly. In addition, Mobile users can add labels, text color, style and different fonts on their different GIF’s. Similarly, there is an in-app manager that manages all newly created GIF for later viewing in the app.

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These are not the only GIF photo and video maker apps out there. But, they are the most effective ones people use all over the world. Do not hesitate to try these apps now, yes! Indeed. Also, you can now create that amazing GIF with all the desired attributes to express how you feel, on social media websites and many online platforms. Finally, these apps have the options to share, save and even convert GIF to videos.

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