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10 Best Golf GPS Apps For Android And iPhone

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If you are a golf fan and you are basically looking for ways to improve your golf skills and actually follow on real golfing events and stats? I might as well say you’ve come to the right place. Although this is not a golfing site, I can tell you that you will improve your knowledge about the game after reading this article titled 10 best golf GPS apps. Also, it will give you good data on a golf course to help you play better.

golf GPS apps

Furthermore, major features of these mobile apps are GPS range finding, golf courses exploit and a host of major golfing information. So sit tight and get ready because we are about to drive through the biggest mobile golf course of your life. Now, with no further delay, let us see the 10 best golf GPS for Android and iOS devices.

10 Best Golf GPS Apps for Android And iOS (iPhone, iPad)

  1. Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

golf gps apps-Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

The first app on our list today is Zepp. While the name might sound luxurious and foreign, this app is basic in its function and is designed to help its users record their golf stroke and improve on their golf swings respectively. You can also sell your golfing skills online with a recording option on the app. You may also try and create highlight videos of yourself with in-app trace overlays and voiceovers.

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  1. Rules of Golf

Rules of Golf

If you’re a lover of golf, you would probably have heard of this amazing and straightforward golf GPS app. It is packed with different rules, definitions, and tips on accurate golfing techniques. It also includes a golf quiz to test your knowledge of basic golfing practices. If you’re an amateur golfer or just a lover of golf, this mobile app can quickly acquaint you with the standard and basic rules to help you understand and know the Game thoroughly.

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  1. GolfNow: Golf GPS

GolfNow: Golf GPS

Golf now like its name, is one of those mobile apps that brings the reality of sports events into your home via your smartphone. With this app, you can book and directly review about 6000 golf courses worldwide. Also, you will get directions to the closest golf course at your location. A digital playing system for up to four players and a supportive statistics tracking program are included on the app.

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  1. GolfLogix GPS + Putt Breaks

golf gps apps-GolfLogix GPS + Putt Breaks

Forget its long names. This app is among the best golf GPS apps in the world right now. Also, it is easy to use and very simple to navigate for golf-minded people though. This app provides a correct summary of all golfing activities and even the best views of them, for better comprehension and easy assimilation. In addition, it also has features like a digital scorecard to help golf lovers keep track of the scoreboard at live events. Other than its abilities to make golfing understandable and pretty easy to access, this app is an awesome golf magazine.

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  1. 18Birdies: Golf GPS App

18Birdies: Golf GPS App

18 birdies is an amazing GPS rangefinder, with a digital Scorecard, and stat tracker that offers in-app side games with bonus rewards to keep users coming back. It also covers various news outlets on golfing events both on local and international levels. To readily access all its features unlimited by nothing, this app includes an exclusive in-app purchase of $5 per month. With premium membership, all you get is the latest and premium content like an advanced course, discounts, stats and more.

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  1. Golf GPS Rangefinder: Golf Pad

 Golf GPS Rangefinder: Golf Pad

Feel free to download this golf GPS app for your device. It is a great free golf GPS rangefinder with a one-tap shot tracker, with which you can easily record golf swing positions and clubs. You can also measure the length of your shots, with amazing viewing positions to enable you to look at each hole as you shoot. Many more features are also programmed on this app, to access them, download it now.

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  1. Hole19: Golf GPS App, Rangefinder & Scorecard

Hole19: Golf GPS App, Rangefinder & Scorecard

Superb is one word for this handy and exclusively free mobile golfing app., with lots of useful features. This mobile app can function as a digital scorecard, GPS rangefinder, and performance statistics tracker. It also includes options to check out tee times and book rounds across different courses. Subscribe on this app, to access more in-built features for your mobile device.

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  1. MScorecard – Golf ScoreCard

golf gps apps-MScorecard – Golf ScoreCard

Other Golf GPS apps include in-built digital scorecard features. For Mscorecard the reverse is the case, it is a no-frills digital scorecard with which you can calculate scores, handicaps, and stats for up to five players and more. Also, on this app, you can be provided with satellite images and GPS that will help you accurately calculate the distances used for each game. Another important feature of this scorecard is that it helps to track your strokes and analyze the rounds statistics for reference purposes.

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  1. Golf live 24 – Golf Scores

Golf live 24 – Golf Scores

Just like other sports events with live score platforms, this is a live score app for golfing events. It will show the most current scores from the biggest tournaments around the world. With a wide reach of up to 100 golf tournaments, making it easy to keep in touch with all the happenings in the golf world from the comfort of your mobile device.

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  1. Golf GPS by Swing U

golf gps apps-Golf GPS by Swing U

They are no golf GPS apps that come with a solid GPS rangefinder and a database of thousands of golf courses like this one. This great application is also similar to digital scorecards as it can keep track of your handicap. Also, it provides you with multiple extras and club recommendations. With supportive apple watch, functions that allow you to check for distances, pars, and scores as you play.

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Finally, if you’re one of those people finding it hard to understand the sports game called golf, these golf GPS apps were made with you in mind. Also, with these apps, you can develop and improve your golfing skills, follow mind-blowing golfing events and professionals, right from your phone. Don’t stop here, download apps now.

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