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Google Drive Sync – How to sync your data to Google Drive

Google Drive Sync
Written by Abe Cherian

Now, you will learn how Google Drive Sync works and how to use it to back up your data with ease. Google Drive allows the uploading and storing of files online. These files can be shared with others and they can be assessed from any device.

Many varieties of items can be stored in the Google Drive. Items like pictures, drawings, videos, documents, etc can all be saved in the Google Drive. All you need is to store the file in one Google Drive account with one device and it will be available on all other devices. This process of syncing is automatic. You can upload and store files to drive on the web, on your desktop. Uploading can also be achieved via mobile devices.

Google Drive Sync

Google Drive Sync: How does it really work?

Google Drive enables users to handle an unexpected loss of personal data. It gives room for the uploading and syncing of files from any folder in your device to your Google Drive with ease. Also, you can now select your file from either your main hard drive or the external one.

Google Drive backup and sync platform provide a more easy way of backing up of data to the cloud. The Google backup and sync is a tool for simplified storage of different varieties of files on the computers. This tool is accessible to every individual and business owners.

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The Google Drive Sync combines with the Google photos and it is available for both Windows and Mac users. It is designed to ensure the fast and quick uploading of documents, photos to Google Drive and Google Photos.

Google has the notion that it is the easiest and most reliable method of protecting valuable files and photos. Syncing your files to Google Drive will ensure that your files are no longer trapped in your computer and other devices by keeping your files organized and safe.

How does Google Drive backup & Sync works?

For the Backup and sync to be possible, you have to install the Backup and Sync client on your computer. You would also have to select the folder in your computer that you would like to backup to Google Drive.

In addition to syncing and backing up folders, you can also sync files from SD cards and USB drives including cameras and mobile devices.

After setting up the file sync initially, the folders, SD cards, USB drives and other data sources will be uploaded automatically to Google’s servers and synced any time changes are made to the files.

A file captioned “Google Drive” is usually created in the computer and mobile devices. Any file that is saved in this folder is uploaded straight away automatically and sync with the “My drive folder” in the Google drive. These files are accessible on the web and on all devices that are enabled for Google Drive.

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It is very pertinent to checkmate your device storage since Google Drive sync and back up upload files to your accounts in the cloud storage. A lot of space is usually consumed.

Google provides free 15GB of drive storage. Most users usually surpass this especially if they are backing up videos, photos or the entire computer or device files. Check your device settings to know if you have enough device storage space. If your device storage is low, you can purchase additional storage. 100GB storage space can be purchased for $1.99 per month and 1TB for $9.99 per month.

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