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Google Snapseed is a software for editing and sharing photos. Initially, it was owned by Nik softwares which is a company known for developing various arrays of software and plugins for photography.

In 2012, Google purchased Snapseed and since, it has metamorphosed into one of the most popular softwares for editing photos. Initially, Snapseed was designed for mobile users only. However, in 2013, it designed the computer version. Since then, the popularity and acceptability of the software intensified with bigger and better updates.

Basically, it is a photo enhancer because it is used to add excellent and alluring features to images. In addition, Snapseed provides good ambient nice for images to be uploaded to social media.

Furthermore, Snapseed is the perfect photo editing and enhancement tool. It has great filter tools that enable users to transform images remarkably. Photographs are given first-hand editing and transformation which allows for unique editing options and clean layouts.

Also, this unique software eliminates the perennial issues of overcrowding and jumbling of items while editing.

Subsequently, Snapseed has a collection of editing tools in its arsenal including tuning image tools, saturation tools, contrast tools, select tools, etc.

After editing, one can easily export the photos. Hence, Snapseed is indeed a beehive of simplicity. It is very compatible for beginners in photo editing.

The most amazing part of this app is that it is one hundred percent free. Yes, all the endless and unique editing features are free.

Snapseed User interface

Snapseed Editing page

Thankfully, Phones and tablets can access Google Snapseed but many are still having issues with the downloading. It works perfectly on iOS and Android platforms.

In this post, we shall highlight the steps involved in downloading the Google Snapseed on Mac and on windows.

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How to download Google Snapseed for windows PC

Users can easily download Google Snapseed and install it in different models of laptops and desktop computers. It works perfectly in computers with at least 2GB RAM. To install Snapseed in windows 10 computers, the follow these steps:

1. Install the Emulator: Google snapseed does not work on computers without the emulator. The emulator is a specially designed software that allows mobile softwares to run on computers. It allows android softwares to work perfectly on the PC. To download Google Snapseed, the first step is to download the emulator software which is very easy to use and highly secured.

2. After a successful installation of the emulator, proceed to download the Google snapseed app via the emulator. Simply open the emulator and search by typing “Snapseed” in the search bar.
There you will find the Google Snapseed app. Click on it to trigger the downloading.

Your PC have an option to confirm if the app is original or not. After the confirmation, simply proceed to download the app immediately.
Some times, the emulator might request for sync with your Google account. Go ahead and allow the synchronization. After completion, proceed to the downloading process.

The downloading process is just a matter of few minutes and you will be all set to enjoy your favorite photo editing app on your PC. A short cut icon will be there on the computer desktop. Simply click in it to open the software.

How to download and install Google snapseed on Mac PC

Mac users are not left out of this trend. Just like the windows users, Mac users can easily make use of the Snapseed on their PC without hitches. The next session provides the step by step process of downloading the Google snapseed on mac pc.

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Snapseed for PC

Steps in downloading Snapseed in your Mac PC

1. Open your apple store and type “Snapseed” in the search box. Many versions of Snapseed apps will show up. Simply choose the latest version that suits your taste. It is pertinent to identify the original Snapseed app.

2. Next, go ahead and download the app by clicking in your preferred option. Click install to complete the installation.

Downloading and installation of Google Snapseed on Mac computers are very simple since there is no need for emulator. Snapseed is available for android and iOS. Moreso, Mac supports the iOS version.

The procedure of using snapseed on PC is very straight forward. It just like the mobile version. The major difference is the screen size.
On windows 7, when the Snapspeed is opened, three screens usually pops out. One can easily open the saved pictures and the file manger on the initial screen.

The second screen is mainly a tool box. It has varieties of tools and filters that provide the effects and contrasts in pictures. The second screen is indeed a very vital screen and user must take time to acquaint themselves with each of the tools. They are all easy to use.

The third screen is the platform for editing and customization of the pictures. The main editing job takes place here.

It is very pertinent for user to know their way around the screens of the app.
Snapseed is Avery versatile tool. After successful editing, snapseed will provide options to save the picture on your device and also to other social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

Wrapping up:

Snapseed is a very popular software for editing and providing creative effects on pictures. It is one of the most preferred softwares for photographers and graphics designers. The developers specifically designed Google Snapseed to function on mobiles only. They work perfectly on Androids and on apple phones. Unfortunately, PC users cant enjoy the massive array of image editing tools that abounds in this tool. This article extensively discussed the simple and swift methods of downloading and installing snapseed. It covered both the Mac and windows computers.

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