GoToMeeting free download

Downloading GoToMeeting Free for Windows 10 & 7 (64 bit)

In this tutorial, I will show you how to get GoToMeeting free download for Windows 10 & 7 64 bit and install the desktop app. If you run a business, have a team or collaborate with others to do a project, you must have meetings. Also, you don’t have to divide yourself to be in multiple places all over the world at the same time. Instead, what you need is a tool that functions smoothly and gives you a virtual platform to hold your meetings. And all you have to do is to get a personal online meeting room and use the GoToMeeting online software to hold your meetings. What is GoToMeeting? Gotomeeting is software for holding meetings and conferences virtually to enable your business to meet customers, people in a team and colleagues to collaborate in real-time. This platform is owned by LogMeIn.

GoToMeeting free download

Also, the features you can use include video conferencing, online meeting rooms, VoIP audio, chat messaging, sharing desktops, cloud recording, and so on. Also, the GoToMeeting desktop software will enable you to gain access to all collaboration tools, including shared keyboard and mouse control, drawing tools, and multi-monitor screen sharing. And before you can start an online session using GoToMeeting or join a session that another person started, you must have the GoToMeeting desktop software installed on your computer. This application needs Java to be enabled on your computer.

And the software will download automatically when you try to start or join a meeting. But, you can also, install it manually if you want. And after downloading and installing the software, you can start or join a meeting any time you want. Now that we know a bit about the GoToMeeting desktop application, the next step is to show you how to get the GoToMeeting free download. Let us start right away.

GoToMeeting free Download for Windows 10, 7 (64 bit)

System requirements

Operating system: Windows 7 – Windows 10; Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) – macOS Catalina (10.15); Linux/Ubuntu (only Web App); Google Chrome OS (only Web App); iOS 9 – iOS 12; Android OS 4.4 (Kit Kat) – Android 9 (Pie); Windows Phone 8, Windows 8RT or newer. You can learn more about other system requirements.

How to download GoToMeeting free

Facts About GoToMeeting desktop applications

When you install the GoToMeeting desktop app that is full-featured onto your computer, it will let you have a meeting with ease. You should be aware that when you start or join a meeting, the GoToMeeting software download will start automatically.  But after you download it once, next time you can just start your meeting without downloading the app again. Besides when you get the GoToMeeting free download, 3 things software are added to your computer.

They are:

  • GoToMeeting desktop app – This is the major software that you will use to start and join sessions.
  • GoToMeeting Installer.exe file – This file includes the application that will be downloaded from the Gotomeeting browser page.
  • GoTo Opener – This app is the “helper” software that puts you into active meetings.

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How to Get the desktop app and use it in the GoToMeeting free download offer

  1. First, you must have an account at Gotomeeting. If not get a free trial for 14 days.
    GoToMeeting free download
  2. Second, confirm that you have an operating system that will support the application by checking your system’s compatibility automatically. You should also look at system requirements.
  3. And the next step you should take is to click the Download button
    download now
  4. At this point, the GoToMeeting Installer.exe file will download onto your computer screen.
    GoToMeeting free download-downloading gotomeeting installer

How to download and install the software using your browsers

  1. Also, depending on the web browser you have on your PC the full GoToMeeting Installer.exe file download will happen like this.
    • If you use Google Chrome, after step 2 above click on GoToMeeting Installer.exe in the lower part of the download toolbar and click on it to run. And if you get a prompt, click Run.
      GoToMeeting free download-chrome
    • If you have a Mozilla Firefox browser, after step 2 above click on Save File, and the Download icon in the top toolbar and then the GoToMeeting Installer.exe in the drop-down menu. And if you get a prompt, click on Run.
    • Besides, if you use an Internet Explorer, after step 2 above click on run in the pop-up message below.
      internet explorer
  2. After the installation of Gotomeeting software, the GoTo Opener app will start automatically.
  3. And the GoToMeeting Suite will start from the system tray, and that means you installed the desktop app successfully.
  4. That is how to get GoToMeeting free download and install the application.

How to join or start your first meeting from the desktop app

After you have successfully installed the GoToMeeting desktop application and you try to join or start your first meeting, you may get a prompt with an extra dialogue from the web browser asking for permission to open GoTo Opener.

  1. So after getting the GoToMeeting free download and installing it, start the GoToMeeting desktop application.
  2. And then join or start a meeting from the GoToMeeting Suite.
  1. Also, to join another person’s meeting, type the meeting ID or meeting page name and click on Join.
  2. And to begin your own meeting as the organizer, click on Meet Now to start a meeting instantly or My Meetings to begin a meeting you planned before. And if you get a prompt, sign in to your account.

Price and plans

You can choose either the Starter Plan at $11 or the Pro Plan at $14. And you also have the Plus Plan at $17. The plans have progressive features flowing from the starter plan to the pro and then to the most advanced features for the Plus plan. Learn more.


In this tutorial, you actually learnt to get GoToMeeting free download for Windows 10 &7 64 bit and install the desktop app. We hope that you can now download and install the software with ease. Also, you can start a meeting directly from the app or attend sessions organized by others.


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