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GOTV Packages And Prices

This post contains information on all the GoTv packages, channels and prices available to you once you decide to get a GoTv decoder.  GoTv is one of the most affordable Cable TVs. It is owned by Multichoice Nigeria which is a subsidiary of Multichoice Africa, owners of DSTV.GoTV packages

What the GoTV packages contain.

The GoTV packages give you access to indigenous stations across many countries in Africa. It is also available in Nigeria, Zambia, Rwanda, Uganda, Namibia, Kenya, Ghana, Mozambique and Malawi.

However, the GoTV network is not in line with the DSTV because it is not operated via Satellite transmission. Its broadcast method is quite similar to those used in many TV stations like AIT. However, it has much higher audio and video quality than these stations. In this article, I will share with you information on the current list of GOTV subscription plans, packages as well as their prices in this post.

Getting a GoTV Decoder.

Before you can begin with the GoTV network, you must buy the GoTV Decoder. This decoder is sold at the cost of N7,700 but will give you access to 1 GoTV decoder, one-month subscription (to the subscription plan you pick when making the purchase), remote control and 1 GoTV Antenna (GOtenna)

After you have exhausted the one-month GOTV subscription plan, you will have to pay for the following month. You may choose to recharge your GoTV through your phone or any other medium that is available to you. This time, you will purchase it at the price of the subscription plan you pick. Here contained in this article are the subscription plans you can make your choice from.

GoTV Packages And Prices.

Naturally, every GoTV subscription plans have their own unique sets of channels as well as prices. So before you make the decision on which plan to pick, ensure that you check the lists of channels under each package to make your choice. However, the higher the amount of money paid for a subscription plan, the more channels you will be able to view.

1. GoTV Smallie Channels (Monthly: N800).


The GoTV Smallie is the cheapest GoTV packages especially when you are on a budget but need access to Cable TV. It offers about 23 channels including 10 local channels, 1 music channels, 1 children channels and many more. The full list of channels you can have on the GoTv Lite includes:

  1. TVC Entertainment
  2. SuperSport Blitz
  3. Liberty TV
  4. RAVE
  5. NTA I
  6. Silverbird
  7. AIT
  8. Channels
  9. MiTV
  10. Lagos TV
  11. Wazobia Max
  12. WAP
  13. GO Channel
  14. Galaxy TV
  15. JimJam
  16. AFRO Music English
  17. Faith Broadcast Network
  18. Islam Channel
  19. Emmanuel TV
  20. Dove TV
  21. eTV Africa
  22. Al Jazeera
  23. TVC News

2.GOTv Jinja (Month: N1,640).

ValueThe GoTV Jinja is another affordable package which gives you access to about 40 channels but at a slightly higher price than the GoTv Lite.  With this GoTV packages, you will have up to 13 local channels, 2 music channels and many more.

  1. Fashion One
  2. Spice TV
  3. TVC Entertainment
  4. SuperSport Select 1
  5. SuperSport Blitz
  6. Liberty TV
  7. Tiwa n Tiwa
  8. RAVE
  9. NTA I
  10. R2TV
  11. Silverbird
  12. AIT
  13. Channels
  14. MiTV
  15. Lagos TV
  16. Wazobia Max
  17. Arewa 24
  18. WAP
  19. Go Channel
  20. E! Entertainment
  21. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  22. AfricaMagic World
  23. AfricaMagic Hausa
  24. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  25. AfricaMagic Igbo
  26. Galaxy TV
  27. Nickelodeon
  28. JimJam
  29. AFRO Music English
  30. Sound City
  31. Planet Radio TV
  32. Faith Broadcast Network
  33. Islam Channel
  34. Emmanuel TV
  35. Dove TV
  36. eTV Africa
  37. BBC World News
  38. Al Jazeera
  39. Arise News
  40. TVC News

3.GoTV Jolli (Month: N2,460).


The GoTV Jolli is one of the amazing GoTV plans which give you access to quality viewing and up to 59 channels. This includes about 13 local channels, 2 Lifestyle/Culture channels, 19 Entertainment channels, 5 music channels and many more. Here is the full list of channels available to this GoTV package:

  1. Nat Geo Wild
  2.  Fashion One
  3. Spice TV
  4. TVC Entertainment
  5. SuperSport Blitz
  6. SuperSport 9
  7. SuperSport Select 1
  8. SuperSport Select 2
  9. Liberty TV
  10. Tiwa n Tiwa
  11. RAVE
  12. R2TV
  13. NTA I
  14. Silverbird
  15. AIT
  16. Channels
  17. MiTV
  18. Lagos TV
  19. Wazobia Max
  20. Arewa 24
  21. WAP
  22. Nickelodeon
  23. Disney Junior
  24. JimJam
  25. MTV Base
  26. Hip TV
  27. AFRO Music English
  28. Sound City
  29. Planet Radio TV
  30. Faith Broadcast Network
  31. Islam Channel
  32. Emmanuel TV
  33. Dove TV
  34. eTV Africa
  35. BBC World News
  36. CNN International
  37. Al Jazeera
  38. Arise News
  39. TVC News
  40. GO Channel
  41. Telemundo
  42. E! Entertainment
  43. Discovery Family
  44. M-Net Movies Zone
  45. Eva +
  46. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  47. AfricaMagic Family
  48. AfricaMagic World
  49. AfricaMagic Hausa
  50. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  51. AfricaMagic Igbo
  52. Zee World
  53. Vox Africa
  54. TeleVista
  55. Galaxy TV
  56. B4U Movies
  57. FOX Live

4. GoTV Max (Monthly: N3,600).


The GoTV Max is the biggest subscription plan available to you on the GoTV cable network. The GOTV packages give you access to 60 channels. However, one of the most obvious features of this plan is that you will have only one channel higher than the GoTV plus plan for an extra fee. However, the higher rate is not due to the number of channels but rather due to the quality of channels. In the GoTV Max, you will have access to channels such as the SuperSport 4 channel, 19 Entertainment and Movies Channels and a lot more:

  1. Discovery Channel
  2. Nat Geo Wild
  3. Spice TV
  4. Fashion One
  5. SuperSport Blitz
  6. SuperSport Select 1
  7. SuperSport Select 2
  8. SuperSport Select 3
  9. SuperSport Select 4
  10. Nickelodeon
  11. Disney Junior
  12. JimJam
  13. AFRO Music English
  14. NTV Base
  15. Hip TV
  16. Sound City
  17. Planet Radio TV
  18. Faith Broadcast Network
  19. Islam Channel
  20. Emmanuel TV
  21. Dove TV
  22. eTV Africa
  23. CNN International
  24. BBC World News
  25. TVC News
  26. Arise News
  27. Al Jazeera
  28. Telemundo
  29. E! Entertainment Television
  30. FOX (SD/HD)
  31. FOX Life
  32. Sony MAX
  33. Eva +
  34. CBS Reality
  35. M-Net Movies Zone
  36. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  37. AfricaMagic Family
  38. AfricaMagic World
  39. AfricaMagic Hausa
  40. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  41. AfricaMagic Igbo
  42. Zee World
  43. Vox Africa
  44. TeleVista
  45. Trybe
  46. TeleVista
  47. Galaxy TV
  48. B4U Movies
  49. Zee World
  50. Liberty TV
  51. Tiwa n Tiwa
  52. RAVE
  53. R2TV
  54. NTA I
  55. Silverbird
  56. AIT
  57. Channels
  58. MiTV
  59. Lagos TV
  60. Wazobia Max
  61. Arewa 24
  62. WAP
  63. TVC International

And there you have it, a full list of the GoTv packages, subscription plans and their prices. Ensure to make your choice carefully, so you have access only to your favorite channels.


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