GOtv Subscription Guide (Step by Step for Beginners)

GoTv subscription using GlobaPay


Your GoTv subscription is just one step away. This page displays all the information you need when you wish to begin using GoTv as a beginner. It includes an expansive information about how to activate, subscribe and all the channels that come with each GoTV packages.

GoTv Subscription Guide

Multichoice Nigeria, a subsidiary of the bigger Multichoice brand created GoTv as an awesome step to bring Cable TV to Africans at an affordable rate. GoTv Network is not available in Nigeria but other African countries such as Namibia, Malawi, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Uganda.

Becoming a GoTV customer

When you wish to access the GoTv Nigeria package, all you need do is make the decision about your subscription package, this includes the kind of channels you will wish to access as well as your budget size.

Presently, there are 4 subscription packages available to you from GoTv. You can either have the GoTv Lite (N400 monthly), GoTv value ( N1300 monthly), GoTV Plus (N1900 monthly) or the highest which is the GoTV Max (N3800 monthly). Now click here to check the list of channels available to each package.

Next step?

Once you have selected the GoTV subscription package, you want, it is time to get the GoTV decoder. This will cost you about N7,700 and this starter kit does not only contain the Decoder but a one-month subscription to the package of your choice and a GoTv antenna ( Gotenna).

All of this you can access when you visit the GoTv outlet nearest to your location.

How to Install your GoTv Decoder

Once you have purchased your GoTV Decoder, you will have to install it before you can begin using it. You can either get a GoTV installer to help you out with this step or do it yourself. If you wish to do this installation on your own, click here to learn all about it.

Activating your GoTv decoder

Once you have properly installed your GoTv decoder, it is time to activate it.  There are many ways to activate your GoTV subscription. However, we will discuss the two most common methods of activating your GoTv subscription. Ensure your GoTv is switched on when activating it.

1. Activate your GoTV Online

To activate your GoTV online, ensure you have internet access on your phone or laptop. This process will take you just or before 10 minutes. All you have to do is:

  • Visit the GoTV Africa website, select your Country from the drop-down menu. Then pick the Easy-self service option.
  • Now select a username of your choice or enter your phone number. Next, enter your GoTV IUC number and click “Login”. (You can find your IUC number at the back of your decoder)
  • Follow the prompts you see on the website to activate your GoTV subscription.

2. Activate your GoTv by SMS

You can also activate your GoTv via SMS. This is by far the fastest. However, you will be charged N10 for using this service. In addition, make sure your GoTv is turned on when taking this step.

To begin, simply type Accept*IUC number*Surname*mobile number*City*GOtvPlus#  and then send it to the shortcode “4688”. And in seconds you will be activated.

However, these shortcodes may differ from country to country, check how to access the GoTv customer care service to view your country’s shortcode.

How to scan for more channels on your GoTv

Sometimes, decoders may not immediately access all of the channels applicable to it. This is how you fix this problem and fast.

  • Face your GoTv remote, click on the white button located at the bottom of the remote
  • Now select “ Advanced options” and navigate to “Installation”
  • Click on “Automatic scan” and scanning will commence. Please do not switch off your decoder or interrupt the process
  • Look to see, if it found all channels applicable to your subscription. If it is the number of channels found, then do not scan the decoder again. But simply click “Exit” on your remote.

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GoTv subscription – How to pay

Subsequently, after the first month, you will be required to pay for your GoTV package of choice to continue viewing. However, the decoder and other equipment are all yours. You do not need to pay for them anymore. There are many ways to pay for your GoTv subscription but we will show you 3 ways to do so.

1. How to pay for your GoTv subscription via Quickteller

gotv subscription through Quickteller

With Quickteller, you can easily pay for your GoTV subscription. However, you must have an account with Quickteller to begin.

To begin

    • Ensure your decoder is switched on
    • Now login to your Quickteller page and select the GoTv Bouquet service
    • Select the package you wish to subscribe to and enter your email address, mobile phone number and IUC number
  • Click, Next then enter your GoTv subscribers name and confirm your IUC number
  • Lastly, click Pay and then select your debit card type
  • Enter the card details as instructed and click “Pay”
  • Once you are done, your viewing will be restored.

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2. How to pay for GoTv subscription using GlobaPay

GoTv subscription using GlobaPay

You can also make payments online using the GlobaPay. Simply begin by clicking, next log into your account. Go to the Pay page, and pick the GlobalPay method. Now fill your payment details as instructed. You will be redirected to the official GLobalPay website, where you will receive step by step instructions with regards to inputting your Card details. Once you are done, you will be redirected to your GoTV Eazy website. Remember to keep your decoder switched on when doing all of this.

3. How to pay for GoTV subscription using the GoTV PayU

To make payments for your subscriptions using the GoTV PayU option. All you need do is follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your account at
  • Next, select the “Pay” page and select the PayU button
  • You will be directed to he PayU payment page where you will be required to enter your credit or debit card details to complete the payment procedure.

Once you are done with payments, use the steps written in the previous section to activate your GOTv subscription.

And there you have it, a comprehensive guide on how to begin viewing via the GoTV Cable network. Please do not hesitate to send your questions or comments by commenting below.

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