How to Download Grammarly for Windows 10

Grammarly for Windows 10 Free Download

This article shows you how to download Grammarly for Windows 10. I know you desire to improve your writing and have error-free write-ups because you are human. And as a writer, teacher, student or professional, you need to have software that can give you the edge among your peers. That is where you need Grammarly. What is Grammarly? Grammarly is a writing app for improving your text messages and documents. It also makes your posts clear, error-free and enables you to communicate properly. When you get the app, you can receive customized checks for more than 30 different types of documents, remove grammar mistakes and improve any text with ease.

Grammarly for Windows 10

Some of the features and benefits of the app include advanced grammar rules, contextual spell checker, vocabulary enhancement, plagiarism checker and correction of writing mistakes. And the app has both the free and premium versions. Also, to use the software, simply log on to the service using their website and upload any document you want to proofread, and scan it. Furthermore, you can add Grammarly to your MS word and use it for PC only. But there is no add-on for macOS. And you can also obtain Grammarly through Microsoft Store, as an extension for the Microsoft Edge browser.

Besides, you can add Grammarly to other internet browsers and use it for checking your writing on Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn and all the places you write, on the internet. Also, Grammarly has an inbuilt plagiarism checker that you can use to confirm your writing with any other person’s writing on the internet. In addition, you can retrieve a Grammarly report after it has finished checking your document, save it and download it. Now that you have seen how useful this software is, let me show you how to get the Grammarly for Windows 10 immediately.

System requirements

It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows, 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and macOS 10.9 and newer versions.

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Downloading Grammarly for Windows 10

  1. Go to the Grammarly website and click on the Setup file for Windows PC, to download it.
    Grammarly for Windows 10
  2. And Save the executable Set up file on your PC’s download folder.
  3. Also, go to your PC’s download folder to find it for installation.
  4. Next, double click on the Grammarly installer to open it and click on Run.
  5. Then follow the instructions on the screen until the installation complete.
  6. Next, open the Grammarly software by clicking on the desktop shortcut and log in with your credentials. (Note that you can also use your social networking credentials to log in)
  7. That is how to download Grammarly for Windows 10 and launch it.

Installing Grammarly on Windows 10

Grammarly for Windows 10 is one of the best proofreading tools that you can use. Also, it corrects your grammar errors and shows you the synonyms for a particular word. To see the synonyms, double-click on the highlighted word. Besides, using Grammarly will no doubt improve your vocabulary quickly through constant practice.
grammarly dashboard

Besides using the Grammarly desktop software on Windows 10, is simple to use due to the intuitive user interface and its look and feel.

Also, when you are using Grammarly, you should focus on two things; the text processor and editor and your profile.

Text processor and editor

Now that you have the Grammarly for Windows 10, you should learn how it works. For instance, the text processor and editor are the places you type in or copy and paste any text and Grammarly will check it using the following criteria.

  1. Contextual spelling: Here it checks for misspelt words and the words that are out of the context.
  2. Grammar: The software checks to confirm that your writing follows set grammar rules.
  3. Punctuation: Here the software adds missing or removes redundant commas, periods, colons, and semicolons.
  4. Sentence structure: Grammarly checks for words that you misplaced, incorrect sentence structure, and word order in a sentence.
  5. Style: Here the app cuts redundancy and wordiness in writing.

The second part is your Profile. In this area, you can create your own dictionary, set the language preference, and change your account settings. However, all the words you add in the dictionary are ignored by Grammarly shortly.
Grammarly for Windows 10-personal dictionary

You need that feature if you write in niche genres, use colloquial language or want to create language.

Grammarly’s support for Many Platforms

And if you use a single account for many platforms, it will track your activity and improve your user experience steadily. Go on and try it for casual or professional writing now. Below are the platforms it supports.

  • Grammarly for Chrome (browser extension)
  • Grammarly for Microsoft Edge (browser extension)
  • And Grammarly for Windows 10
  • Grammarly for Microsoft Office (add-on for MS Word and Outlook)
  • And for Android keyboard, that you can get through the Google Play Store

Grammarly for Windows 10 – plans and pricing

You can upgrade from a free plan to any either premium or business plans. Below are the prices for the Premium and Business plans depending on your vocation.
plans and prices

  • Monthly plan at $29.95 per month.
  • Quarterly plan at $19.98 per month and Billed as one payment of $59.95 USD. Recommended as the best value.
  • And the Annual plan at $11.66 per month and billed as one payment of $139.95 USD.
  • The business plan costs $15 per month per member and billed annually, Minimum of 3 Members.


In this post, I explained how to download Grammarly for Windows 10. Also, you can get the software by visiting the Grammarly website and then downloading the setup file. After the download, install it and begin to use the free tool or buy the Grammarly premium plan. Try this software and share your experience on this website.


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