open a bank account online through the GTBank mobile banking platform

GTBank Mobile Banking Procedure

Learn how to use all of GTBank mobile banking platforms in easy and quick steps. Have you ever been subject to a lot of stress associated with visiting your bank?, do you feel the need to step up your game? Well,  if you bank with GTB, this article might be just for you.

GTB is one of the leading banks in Nigeria with its top notch quality service and large customer data base. Most recently, GTB has introduced not just an internet banking platform but also a mobile banking platform. if you wish to learn how to use GTBank internet platform, then read our GTB Internet Banking guide. If you wish to use the mobile banking interface, keep reading.

GTB has three awesome mobile banking platform,  designed to suit your needs, all you need do is choose the platform that works best for you.

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Types of GTBank Mobile Banking Services

GTBank mobile banking app

GTBank mobile banking app is a web based application and can be accessed from  any  smartphones mobile app store such as Google play store. Just search for “GTB mobile app store” and install it. or follow this links on your smart device.

  • If you own an android phone, click here
  • For your Nokia phone, click here
  • If its an iPhone, click here
  • If you own a Blackberry device, click here

GTBank mobile money toolkit

GTB mobile money toolkit is an awesome new application introduced by GTB under the platform of the Etisalat Network. One you have an Etisalat sim card, you can access this application. This is because the app comes already installed on the sim card


Bank737 is  yet another beautiful platform designed by GTB most recently to ease of all stress with banking procedures. You can now open an instant account with GTB, Recharge your phone, transfer money and do a whole lot more. All you need do is visit the site and follow the instructions there to get all the codes for this network. open a bank account online through the GTBank mobile banking platform

How to download and activate GTBank Mobile App

  • Go to your mobile app store and search for the GTBank mobile app
  • Download and install the app on your smart device
  • Click to open the app, fill out your personal details including your account number
  • You will receive a 6-digit activation code in a text on your device
  • Click on the activation code or copy the link to your browser to activate your account

[youtube id=”6iq7gB2pf1I” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”centre”]

How to Activate the GTB Etisalat mobile toolkit

  • Insert the Etisalat sim in your smart phone, ensure the sim is registered on the network.
  • Go to the Etisalat Sim menu and click to open it.
  • Select the mobile money icon and click on GTB
  • Go to My Account and click to Register
  • Fill out  all information accurately including your account number and submit
  • You will receive a 6-digit Activation number from GTBank
  • Open the GTMobile money app, click on the activation button and insert the code.
  • Proceed to select a 4-digit PIN number and there you have it, its all easy.


The GTBank mobile banking services  are innovative and very interesting platform the bank has put together to ease the banking needs of their customers. If you own a GTB account, downloading the app or using Bank737 makes life easier.

If you have more questions on how the GTBank mobile banking platform works, please place a comment below.

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