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Gtbank Online Banking Login: How to register and retrieve GTB Internet Banking Login Details

The GTB Internet banking platform can be completely registered from the comfort of your home. In fact everything including your Online details can be gotten from your comfort zone.

Gtbank Online Banking Login
How to get your GTB Online login details with ease

The GTB Banking platform is among the formidable financial institution in the country, Also, they also have a vast array of innovative banking products. It has one of the most efficient, fast and effective banking platforms in Nigeria.

When it comes to making your banking transactions, you can now easily do so from the comfort of your home without having to move an inch. One of these innovative banking products made for your convenience is the GTB internet banking platform.

You can quickly send money, receive funds, check your account balance and do just as much of your banking from this platform.

This article will teach you how to get your login details and retrieve your Gtbank online banking login details and many more.

Benefits/FeaturesĀ  of using the GTBank Internet Banking Services

  • Cheque overview: access to request, confirm and stop cheques
  • Account control: You can also monitor transactions, print account statements or even have access to 3rd party transfers and check account balance.
  • Bill/Fee Payment: With this, you can pay for your US Visa fees and utility bills
  • Tickets purchase: You can book flights via different Airlines in Nigeria such as Lufthansa German, British Airways/Iberia, etc.
  • Currency transfers: You can make transfers in foreign currencies with ease via this service.

How to get started with the GTBank Internet Banking

The GTB Internet Banking Services is one of the best and to begin using this service; you should get your User ID and Password. This will be your login details.

Not to worry about this, you can quickly get access to thins right from the comfort of your home. To ensure that you are kept satisfied, GTB has integrated its services in such a way that your GTB Internet Banking account is already opened for you automatically on opening your account. The Login details for your GTB Oline banking is sent to you alongside your welcome letter via email.

However, if for any reason this is not sent to you, or you cannot access this details, then there are two ways you can get access to your Login details right now.

Method One – Get your GTBĀ  Online Banking Login in details via the Internet

The first method involves the use of the internet. Follow the steps below to get started:

  • Simply begin by clicking the link:
  • Nest fills out some of your credit card digits: 9th, 12th,14th, 9th, and 10th digits. as directed by the boxes you see
  • Now click to tick the “I’m not a robot” dialogue box.
  • Once done, click continue
  • Fill out all other information required and click ‘continue”
  • Your GTB Internet Banking Login details will be sent to your email.
  • So easy!

Method 2- Get your GTB Internet Banking Login in details via your phone

The Second method is slightly different but still somewhat the same. In this method, you will not require the internet. Instead, all you need is the phone number registered to your GTB bank account.

Once you have your phone number, dial the code *737*6*5#, follow the instructions given to get your GTB Internet Banking details.

Please note: Once you have received the Login details, you are required to change it within 2 hours of retrieval via text or email. If you do not do this, then you will have to start the process anew.

How to Activate your Gtbank Online Banking Login

Once you have received your login details, you must log in within 2 hours of receipt to quickly activate your account. To do so, revisit this link. Now click Login and enter the User ID and password as directed by your email or password.

Once Done, navigate the dashboard and change the User ID and password to a more personalized User ID and password. This is a necessary step as this can be the only way to take extra precautionary measures with your internet banking. To change your Internet Banking password, follow these steps:

  • Once signed in, tap the “Self service” button
  • Navigate and click on ” Change Your Password
  • Next, enter the User ID and password sent to you by default
  • Now enter the new details, placing your password twice to confirm it.
  • Click ‘Submit”
  • You will now see a confirmation page giving you information whether this change was successful or not.
  • To begin using, just log out and Log back in, this time using your new User ID and password.

How to retrieve your GTB Internet Banking Login details

If you have begun using the GTB internet Banking before now and have lost, this section will teach you how to get it back. Typically there are two ways to retrieve your GTB Internet banking User ID and password. The first involves using your phone while the other requires access to the internet.

Method A

The first method involves placing a call to GTB Customer care to reset your password. You can simply use any of these numbers below to get started:

  • 0700 GTCONNECT (0700 482666328)
  • 234-1-4480000
  • 08029002900
  • 08039003900

These numbers are equally important if you have tried logging in 3 times and were locked out of your account. Once you have contacted the Customer care service and have changed the Login details s, this will be sent via email to you.

Method B

The second method involves using the old GTBank website. To follow this method, use the steps below:

  • Visit the website
  • Next locate the Internet Banking page, enter your user ID and then click “Forgot Your Password” This will direct you to the Password reminder page
  • Place the answer your security question and click continue
  • Your password will reset and a new one will be sent to your email.

And there you have it, all you need to begin using the GTB Internet Banking service with ease. Feel free to ask questions about any of these services and methods written on this page. Here you can read about the Credit Loans

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