GTBank online transfer

GTBank Online Transfer: How It Works (App, Charges, Limit etc)

GTBank online transfer enables you to transfer money from your GTBank account to another bank account. This post will teach you how the GTBank online transfer works.

In present times, there are more Juicy options to send money across to your loved ones as well as business partners with just the swipe of the Fingers.  Guaranty Trust Bank is also not left behind in this new era, stick around to learn more about this options.

GTBank online transfer
How to transfer funds using the GTBank online transfer.

Guaranty Trust bank also called GTBank allows its customers to transfer funds online from their GTBank account to any bank account within the country without having to leave their comfort zone.

There exist a variety of avenues to transfer money, you can use the GTB online banking platform, GT Mobile app or the GTB mobile banking options.

How to transfer funds using the GT Online banking platform

To transfer funds from your GTB account via  the GTB online banking platform, simply:

  • Login  to your GTB internet banking page
  • On the dashboard, click the “Account Transfers” button
  • Next pick between transfer options to pick what you prefer. You have the following options:
    • Preregistered transfer
    • Transfer to GTBank account
    • Transfer to other banks (NEFT)
    • Transfer to other banks (Instant)

Preregistered transfer allows you transfer to previous recipients you have done transfers to before now.  But since this is the first that will likely not be your option, you can use the other buttons to move to the next stage.

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As this will be a new transaction, follow the next steps:

  • Click ” Add New beneficiary”
  • Enter the recipients account number and every other information requested
  • click ” get beneficiary’s name” and the recipients name will be displayed, make sure it matches with what you have before you continue
  • Provide answer to your security question and enter your token code to continue
  • confirm details and then submit.
  • you will be notified of your successful transaction subsequently.

How to transfer funds using the GT Mobile app.

Making transfers to any bank via the GTB mobile app is quite so easy and will only require your smartphone to make this process. To transfer using your GTB mobile app, simply:

  • Login to your GTBank mobile banking app with the same login details used in the internet banking platform.
  • Click the menu button and select “Transfers” and then pick from the transfer options available, you will have four options;
    • To OWN accounts
    • To GT Bank
    • To other banks
    • Pre-registered transfer
    • FX transactions ( transfer in foreign currencies)
  • click ” New” and then enter your recipients details and submit request
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer and remark (optional”
  • Next enter your 4 digit PIN or answer to your secret question and ” Token code”
  • click ” confirm” to complete transaction and you will be notified  of your successful transaction.


GTBank Online Transfer Features And Platforms.

  • You are allowed to make a minimum transfer of 1,000 naira and maximum 100,00 naira via all of these platforms daily ( which can be increased to 5 million Naira).
  • For NEFT transactions to other accounts, the procedure will be concluded in 24 hours time while Instant transfers will be done immediately.
  •  Transfers within GTBank accounts are free while transfer to other bank accounts attract N55.

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