15 Online Payday Loan Lenders in US, UK, Canada & California

online payday loan lenders


All online payday loan lenders give you a loan in advance for your salary. You are expected to pay these loan lenders within a very short period; usually 2 weeks. This is an unsecured loan and therefore, they do not require any such thing as a c roll advance collateral. A payday loan is an easily accessible loan which is made available in at least an hour from application through any convenient route.

Find all online Payday loan lenders in UK, US, Canada, California right in this post. Payday loan lenders usually rely on employment records and payroll of the borrower but may vary in requirements and also vary from state to state etc. Therefore, this article aims to explore all different avenues available in many different countries where you can apply for this loans.

online Payday loan lenders in California, U.S, U.K and Canada

Online Payday Loan Lenders in the United Kingdom (UK).

1. Sunny Short Term Loan: The Sunny offers short-term Payday loan services and it is available at an average of 380% APR and you can get loans from £100 to £1,000 with monthly rates from 13 to 18% and a fixed loan term of 6 months. For instance: Applying for £200 means you can pay it over 6 months and may have to pay £305.06 which can also be easily done in instalments of £50.84. The Sunny loan services give you easy application and in less than 15 minutes, this loan will be made available to you. To begin your application, go here> https://sunny.co.uk/sunny-loan.

2. CashFloat Payday loans services: The CashFloat payday loans offer flexible online loan services from £100 to £1,000 which you will only pay a 997% APR for a period of 4 months. For instance: Picking a loan of £500 will be repaid in instalments of £215.81 totally £863.24 over a 4 month period. Assessment for this loan service is done only on how you can afford it and not your credit score, therefore they have loan services for people with bad credit. To begin the application, go here: https://www.cashfloat.co.uk/#form-apply

3. Jill Lending Stream: Jill Lending Stream gives you access to loans up to £1,500 which can be made available to you within 60 seconds. You pay an APR of 410% over a period ranging from 60 days to 6 months. For instance, if you apply for £200, you will pay a fixed interest of 171.55% in instalments of £23.50, £66.32, £64.81, £56.92, £50.52 and lastly £46.01. to apply, click here: https://www.lendingstream.co.uk/application/apply/

4. MY JAR: MyJar flexible loans offers Payday loans up to £7,200  with loan period ranging from 3 months to 24 months period and an APR of 788%.

For instance: you can borrow £500 for 6 months at a fixed annual interest of £238, that is you will pay in instalments of £142.10 at first, time than the rest 5 instalments of £142.42. Once you have applied you will receive the loan amount in just about 15 minutes but note: this loan comes with a late payment charge of £15 if you are 3 days late. TO apply, go here.

5. Ferratum: Ferratum offers Payday loans from several loan packages such as the £400 which can be repaid in 3 months and with a total payment of £605.67 (month repayment: £205.67)   which will be made available within 2 hours of application. However this loan service is only readily available from 9 to 5 every day, so if you apply within that period you are sure to have the money delivered to you in 2 hours but anything outside that period may take longer. Clik here to apply.

Online Payday loan services in the U.S.

1. ACE Cash Express: ACE Cash Express is a financial service short-term loans provider which offers short-term loans including online Payday loans at very flexible rates and repayment options. In addition, each loan product comes within 72 hours return guarantee. So if you receive the loan and do not wish to go through with it, you can return it. ACE Cash Express allows for easy online application but for the cash to get to you, two options are available. It can be deposited in your bank account or you may visit a local ACE cash express store. In addition, loan interest rates are different for every state, so you may have to start the application process to be able to see the rates, To apply: simply click here.

Please note: ACE cash express Payday loan services are available online in the following states: California, Louisiana, Minnesota, Florida, Idaho, Ohio, Kansas and Texas.

2. Check City: Check City offers online Payday loan services across the different states in the United States although this differs from one state to another state. In addition, Check city financial services does not offer services in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Check City offers loan services that you will be awarded the loan you need within 24 hours and quite convenient. You can begin your application right away.


3. CheckIntoCash: This is another financial service that has many outlets in well over 30 states in the country. It is a highly reputable company offering may flexible payday loan services as well as long-term instalment loans. This Online lender offers payday loans ranging from $50 to $1,000 which will attract only a small fee. The Interest rate for each loan depends on the state in which you are making your application. CheckIntoCash offers each access to loan products that will be made available to you in less than 24 hours. to begin your application, click here.

4. Advance America: Advance America is the largest provider of non-bank cash advance services. It is highly reputable system offering quick access to loans online and in-store. This Online lender offers not only Payday loans as well as Instalmental loans and Title Loans. Loan interests are also subject to the individual states but you can apply for the Advance America Cash loans via this link.

Online Payday Loans Lenders in Canada.

1. GoDay Payday loan services: GoDay offers you easy access to online Payday loans in Canada which will be made available to you in just an hour after application. Even if you have a bad credit history, loans can be made to you up to about $(Ca)1,500 but as a new customer, you will only be eligible for $(Ca)500. Repayment schedules span to just about the next time you receive salary or payment for a service. For instance: A loan of $150 will attract an extra $31.50 and therefore, you will pay back only $181.50. To check on its interest rates and subsequently apply,  click here to check.

2. Helium Payday Loan Services: Helium online payday loans service give you access to this loans from $500 to $2,000. You can get as high as $5,00 but these will depend on your credit score. For instance: if you seek to borrow $500, you will be required to bay $1.69 every day within a one year period which you can split and pay in weekly instalments.

Once your application is approved you can get this loan in as little as one hour.  if you wish to apply for this loans, click here

3. Instant Payday Canada: This company gives you access to loans up to $1,500 but yes in this loan servicing company, you are required to pay back at the next paycheck or as much as 30 days. To qualify for loans offered by this online loan lender, you must be able to pay back the loan in less than a month and must have a bank account with online banking. To get started on making your application, click here to get started.

4. LoansCanadaOnline: LoansCanadaOnline offers instant loan access within 24 hours and can have access to loans up to $1,500. You can apply for this loan service even if you do have a poor credit history. LoansCanadaonline doesn’t just offer this services to Canada but also to Ontario(Toronto), Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Manitoba(Winnipeg). to start your application, go here to get started.

Payday Loan Lenders in California.

1. MoneyKey Payday Loans: MoneykeyLoans offers Payday loans to Californians from $100 to $255 in a very easy and fast process.  Repayments of this loans will be done within 8 days and 31 days from receiving the funds. in addition, for every $100 borrowed, you attract a flat interest of $17.64. You are also given the concession to cancel your loan offer within 3 business days from your loan agreement. You can click here to get started.

2. Lendup California Payday Loans: their Payday loans are available through a quick and secure process for loans ranging from $100 to $250.  Loans accrue different interest rates that depend on the repayment duration. For instance, if you borrow $200, you will be expected to pay a flat charge of $35 through a 14 days repayment period. In addition, the Lend up California does not allow rollovers so you must repay between the stipulated period. To apply, click here.

3. CashMax Payday Loans: CashMax offers quick and secure loans from $50 to $255. All you will need to access this online Payday loans services in California is a checking account and by the next business day, your loan will be deposited to your checking account. The interest on your loan will depend on the repayment term period you prefer (14 or 30 days term). Every late repayment will attract a penalty fee of $15. To apply, click here.

online Payday loans lenders are very efficient if you understand all the conditions and every of their charge. You must apply for this kind of loans only if you can pay for them within the stipulated period.

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