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10 Best Hair Clipper Prank Apps (Android/iPhone) 2020

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Prank apps are one of the best things in the mobile app market today. Also, they act as a catalyst for happiness and laughter. Hair clipper prank apps were developed to add the much-needed liveliness to an individual’s life and the general society at large. So, if you are having a dull and boring day, these are great apps to try, and you can easily play a prank your friends, colleagues, group of peers or family members with them.

Hair clipper prank apps

Let’s quickly analyze them for Android and iOS devices now.

10 Best Hair Clipper Prank Apps (Android/iPhone)

  1. Hair Clipper – Best Hair Trimmer

Hair Clipper prank apps- Best Hair Trimmer

Hair Clipper is an Android-friendly app, with special features like 10 different hair trimming sounds and clipper vibrations that make it feel like your mobile device is a real a clipper. Also, it is a fun and exciting app to use, especially around your friends and peers alike.

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  1. Real Razor (Hair Clipper)

Hair Clipper Prank Apps-Real Razor (Hair Clipper)

Looking to have a gala time with friends and family? You can also download this app to enjoy the amazing quality of sound and sensor. After installations, open the app, switch it on and bring it close to a friend. First, the sound will change then vibrations will begin, making your friend think that you have put a hair trimmer through his/her hair. Also, you are going to have some of the best fun on this app. download it now to experience.

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  1. Hair Clipper – Prank

Hair Clipper Prank Apps-Hair Clipper - Prank

When last did you have time for a good joke? Install this hair clipper prank apps for realistic hair clipper features, that will make your friends go wild and crazy with laughter and fun. Furthermore, the clipper vibrations on this app are real-time vibrations, giving the person you are playing a prank on the shock of his or her life. It also contains realistic features.

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  1. Hair Clipper Simulator

Hair Clipper Prank Apps-Simulator

Hair clipper simulators like this one make it easy to play a prank on friends and users alike. It is real and very interesting to use. When you switch it on a buzzing sound of vibration comes on, making the other person feel like a real hair trimmer is been used to chop off their hair. In addition, in their excitement, they will soon discover that it is just one of the hair clipper prank apps on the play store and laugh it off. This is a good prank app to recommend to your friends try it today.

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  1. Hair Clipper (Realistic)


Enjoy different reactions as you watch people get pranked with this hair clipper app. In addition, this Hair simulator contains realistic hair trimming effects like clipper vibrations, clipper shocks, and sounds. Also, the action could shock someone inexperienced and scared of pranks.

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  1. Hair Shaver Prank


Hair clipper prank apps are the trend these days, as fooling friends with hair clipper simulators seem more fun and hilarious. So, instead of always watching prank videos, you could create your own videos with this Hair clipper simulator. Also, this app gives you a real-life experience of a hair clipper as it emits high quality of buzzing sound vibrations.

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  1. Hair Trimmer Prank

Hair Trimmer Prank

iOS users now have something they can use to play a prank on others. This hair trimmer prank app is compatible with the device. The sound waves and vibrations of this app are of good quality. Also, this sound will make the people around think their hair is getting trimmed. Prank them easily with this app now.

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  1. Electric Fader (Hair Clipper)

Electric Fader (Hair Clipper)

Trick the people around you and have good entertainment. Use the amazing features of sounds on this app to simulate real hair clipper sounds. In addition, this will give your peers something to run from and have a good laugh. You can also, encourage them to download these hair clipper prank apps and to play a prank on those on their social network

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  1. Hair Clipper Prank (Android) App

Hair Android) App

This is a trendy application that uses the proximity sensor on your mobile device to make hair trimming pranks sound more realistic. Download the app, install it and switch it on a friend while he or she is not watching, and they will feel like you were actually giving them a hair cut for free. Also, it will be a good prank for a  friends birthday.

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  1. Hair Clipper 2019


If you have not had a good laugh in weeks, go and download one of these Hair clipper Prank apps. and have a good laugh.  Also, it is an easy and fun way to play a prank on your relative or a mutual friend. Enjoy real fun moment of laughter and happiness with Hair clipper simulators. Do not delay, get this app now.

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Sometimes it’s good to behave like a child and play a prank on your friends and relatives. However, you should be careful to prank only your family members or friends, as other people may not take it very well. On this list today are some of the Hair clipper prank apps, that can give you that vibrant hair clipper sound and realistic features. Don’t wait anymore, you can also make a prank video with these apps, that would make you popular and trend in your area. Get one today.

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