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10 Best Hair Styler App for Android And iPhone

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Do you wish to know the types of hairstyle that are available? Or are you a hairstylist and you wish to see numerous types of hairstyles? In this article, I will be listing about 10 best hair styler app for men and women. So without further ado, below are 10 apps that you would prefer to download.

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10 Best Hair Styler Apps for Android And iPhone.

  1. Hair Zapp

hair zappHair Zapp is a very popular hairstyler app that lets you use features on it for free. One of the amazing features is that it gives you a virtual human for you to style on and give you various kind of hairstyles. You can easily work and use this app conveniently, the app allows you to rotate your virtual human side to side for you to have a perfect view of the hairstyle.  So hurriedly go get this app on your Android and iOS devices.

  1. Hair Style Changer

hair style changerAnother app you would find among the list of popular hairstyle apps is this particular app. This app not just lets you change hairstyles but gives you different hairstyle features from changing the colours of a hairstyle to other amazing things. It has more than 50 different unique styles of haircut for you to use. This app is a unisex app also having beards and sunglasses available for men. It is both available for Android and iOS.

  1. Celebrity Hair Stylist

celebrity hair stylistCelebrity Hair Stylist is another amazing app that lets you have a list of celebrity hairstyles and makes you work on them at your preference. This app is easy and can be fun to use. It has three different characters that help you for makeovers named Becky, Kylie and Alison. You can get this app on your Android devices.

  1. Hairstyle Mirror

hairstyle mirrorThis unique app is part of the hairstyle apps for Android and other iOS devices. It is one a kind app as it is a bit different from other apps in this list. Apart from having a feature that has more than 100 different hairstyles for you to select from, it has an interface that allows you use your own mobile frontal camera to take a selfie like an image of yourself. After you have done this, the app lets you use your photo to style yourself by adding different hairstyles. It is available to Android and iOS users.

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  1. Style My Hair

style my hairThe feature that comes with this app includes guiding you through a step by step process of editing and creating your hairstyles. Style My Hair is an amazing app that allows you to do a lot like colouring and add different hairstyles and more. This app is downloadable for Android and iOS users. It gives you the greatest convenience during use; from changing shapes and styles to applying various effects.

  1. Cute Girls Hairstyles

cute girls hairstyleThis is another hair styler app that allows you to do most things like the other apps in this article. Having different hairstyles you can select from twist to French braids to other various hairstyles you wish to get. There are a lot of unique hairstyles on this app for you to use for free. Get the app on Android and iOS phone.

  1. Fabby Look

fabby lookThis particular app allows you to do a lot with its amazing interface. It allows you to use it very easily and having good features like different hairstyle looks and allows you to edit them. From simple braids, fishtail twist to simple braids. This same hair styler app allows you to put them in different colours you want. Get the app on your Android or iOS devices.

  1. Change Hairstyle

change hairstyleChange Hairstyle as the name implies allows you to change your hairstyle on this app as many times as you want. Also, like Hairstyle Mirror we discussed above, this app lets you take a selfie with your mobile device and also allows you to capture and use your own photo. Get this app on your Android or iOS for use if you like it.

  1. Mary Kay Virtual Makeover

mary kay virtual makeoverMary Kay Virtual Makeover is an app that lets you select an image form your folders and allows you to apply various kinds of features on it from makeup options to hairstyles. This app has numerous amounts of hairstyles in its options and other features you can use like hair colour and lip colour. It would be a nice app for you to use on Android and iOS.

  1. Celebrity Shave

celebrity shaveFrom the implying name, you would know this hair styler app is for men as it is mostly a fun app that allows you shave and trim the hair of some celebrities on your Android or iOS devices allowing you style them the way you want. This app is not really difficult to use and will be amazing for you with its various features.


Finding a nice hairstyle app you want to use might be difficult, these articles allow to get to know best free hair styler apps and makes you understand them. With the various amount of different features, they all selectively have for your devices. This now makes it easier and convenient for you to use.

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