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10 Best Hindi Keyboard Apps for Android and iOS

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Typing might seem easy but it is not one of the easiest things to do because typing comes with its own difficulties. Also, you can type in different languages such as Chinese, Russian and a lot more others. This post will focus on how to type with Hindi keyboards, which can be one of the hardest forms of typing. To help you, we shall list the 10 best Hindi keyboard apps for Android and iOS devices. These apps would make typing in Hindi easier.

Best Hindi Keyboard Apps

10 Best Hindi Keyboard Apps for Android and iOS

  1. Swiftkey Keyboard

Best Hindi Keyboard Apps-Swiftkey KeyboardSwiftkey Keyboard is the first app in this article that helps you to text in Hindi easily. The app is very fast and easy to use, as it does not just provide you with typing in Hindi but in a lot of other languages. There are almost 90 Languages on the app that you can use with a very amazing interface. You can get this app on Android and iOS devices.

  1. Go Keyboard

Best Hindi Keyboard Apps-Go KeyboardGo Keyboard is another app you can download on your Android or iOS devices. Apart from the popularity of this app being one of the best keyboard apps. It also has a lot of features to make it easy for you to type in Hindi. The app like a lot of other apps in this article also has a lot of languages that you can select from. The app also comes with assortments of emojis and GIFs that you can use.

  1. SayHi Translate

Best Hindi Keyboard Apps-SayHi TranslateThis app is part of the best Hindi keyboard apps. The app is available on Android and iOS devices, and you can do a lot on it. As the name implies, the app does not just work in just one language. It has a ton of other languages you can use from Indonesian to Dutch and a lot more others.

  1. Hinglish

Best Hindi Keyboard Apps-HinglishHinglish is one of the best apps that you can use on your iOS devices. The app is very good to use as it enables you to be able to type Hindi words in English with ease. This enables you to text and communicate with anyone you want. The app will be very easy and convenient to use when you download it.

  1. Hindi Keyboard and Translator

Hindi Keyboard and TranslatorHindi Keyboard and Translator is one of the other amazing apps you can use for iOS device. Being one of the best Hindi apps, it provides you with different features enabling you to do a lot. The app has an English Hindi Translator that allows you to type your words in English while it brings it out in Hindi.

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  1. Just Hindi

Just HindiJust Hindi is one of the best Hindi apps you can use on your Android devices. The app is very good to use as it allows you to do a lot with its features.  For example, the app makes it a must for you to get a Hindi font on your device as you use it.

  1. TouchPal

TouchPalTouchPal is a very good app that is quite popular among users because it does a lot. Also, it has an amazing interface. Here are some of the reasons why it is part of the best Hindi keyboard apps. For example, the app has a vast amount of languages you can select from as it also has a number of themes and emojis you can select and use on your Android or iOS device.

  1. ai.type Keyboard

ai.type KeyboardThis app is loved by a lot of people willing to type in Hindi as it provides them with a lot of features. The app is quite fast and easy to use and you can get it on your Android or iOS device. The app also provides you with a lot like different emojis you can use.

  1. Indic Keyboard

Indic KeyboardIndic Keyboard is one other fantastic app that you can download on your device. The app is very easy to use and it provides you with more than 10 languages besides Hindi. You can easily use the app to chat about anything you want with anyone. The app is available for download on Android or iOS devices.

  1. Hinglish to Hindi

Hinglish to HindiHinglish to Hindi is one other fantastic app you can download and use. The app has a ton of features that makes it qualify as part of the best Hindi apps. For instance, like every other app in this article, allows you type in English and brings your words out in Hindi. Also, it allows you to type in English and convert it into Hindi. Also, you can easily download this app on Android devices.


There are a few apps that enable you to use Hindi to chat or communicate with the people you want. That is why we wrote this article to give you the best Hindi keyboard apps you can use on either your Android or iOS devices. These apps contain features that would enable you a lot more than you can imagine. Download one today.

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