10 Best Hotspot Free Trial Download (Mac/Windows)

Even though Hotspot is a familiar word to some of us, we should not assume that every internet user knows about it. However, you may have created a mobile hotspot or even changed the name and password before on your hotspot user interface, that does not mean that you also know how to get a hotspot free trial.Hotspot Free Trial

In today’s article, we shall give you a list of 10 best hotspot free trials that you can use and show you how you can download it. Let us waste no more time. Let us start now.

What is a hotspot free trial?

From the name ‘hotspot’ we can infer that it has something to do with the internet. It is simply a physical location through which people can get free internet access. It is often times made publicly available. And you can find this in areas like banks, airports, hotels, coffee shops, and some other business places, etc.

Lists of The 10 Best Hotspot Free Trial That You Can Download

We are going to be providing you with the list of 10 top hotspot free trial that you can use on your device. So dear readers here is the list.

  1. Connectify Hotspot

This hotspot application is known as one of the best and most popular. You can use the free option or go for the paid options. The major difference between the free and the paid options is that the paid version has a more comprehensive set of feature.

hotspot free trial-Connectify Hotspot

When using the free version it allows you to share internet from Ethernet and wifi networks while the paid version will only allow you to share your internet with others using cellular data. This lovely hotspot app keeps all your devices connected anytime and anywhere, even if you are traveling or at home. So, dear readers if you want to download it, go to their website here and do so.

  1. Mars wifi

Mars wifi is a free wifi hotspot that you can also consider downloading. It also performs the function of turning your computer into a wireless router.

Mars wifi

As a user, you can also customize and personalize your settings. Settings like changing of the device name, speed limits, and black-listing specific device. It is safe and secure. To download this software you need to visit their official website.

  1. My public Wi-Fi

You will create your public wi-fi with it just as the name implies ‘mypublicwifi’. This is a hotspot free trial that is compatible with Windows 10, 8, and 7. This application user-friendly.

hotspot free trial-My public Wi-Fi

With this program, you can disable or enable the URL, login and also block file sharing. You can download the app from their website.

  1. Omnify Hotspot free

Omnify hotspot free is a type of hotspot software that allows you to create a wireless access point. You can also share your internet. This app is easy to use and equally quick to start. All you need to do is to give it a name and passwords then you are good to go.

hotspot free trial-Omnify Hotspot free

When you have done that, you can connect any of your devices wirelessly. Download it from their website

  1. Bzeek

The work of bzeek is to transform your Windows pc into a wifi router. This will help it to automatically connect to your devices. Bzeek has a built-in firewall that will help in protecting your system. Over time it has proved to be safe and secure wifi hotspot software for Windows. You can download this app from their official website.

  1. mSpot

This free hotspot is most suitable for beginners because it is easy to use. With mspot, you can be sure that your wireless hotspot password is secure.

mSpot hotspot

Its function is to convert any of the devices you are using into a wifi hotspot. If you want to download this software visit their website.

  1. Virtual Router Manager

Virtual router manager is another hotspot free trial that you can also try downloading. What this app does is to effortlessly create a wifi access point for your Android and Windows.

Virtual Router Manager hotspot

They use WPA2 Encryption to secure any connection that is created by this software.

  1. Baidu Wi-Fi Hotspot app

Baidu wi-fi hotspot app comes with different features. This software allows you to easily download and install it. The app will automatically detect the wi-fi adapter and create the virtual network and also connect your other device network.

Baidu Wi-Fi Hotspot app
image source: thewindowsclub-thewindowsclubco.netdna-ssl.co

You can download the software by going to their website.

  1. Free WiFi Hotspot

This software will convert your laptop computer into a WiFi hotspot. It is compatible with Windows and Mac. Free WiFi hotspot just as its name, is completely free. The major function of this app is to serve as your virtual WiFi router.

Free WiFi Hotspot

You do not need to buy any other hardware devices when using it. This will work just exactly like a real router. To download free wifi hotspot go to their website. They have an excellent interface that is easy to use.

  1. OSToto Hotspot

This is another hotspot free trial that you can consider downloading. OSToto hotspot will solve your problem when it comes to finding a wifi router. This application software does not have any restrictions on which types of internet connection can be turned into a hotspot. Whenever you are using a desktop or laptop it will easily turn it into a wifi hotspot.

OSToto Hotspot

It is very easy to install and it is good for beginners. To download the OSToto hotspot you can visit their website.


In conclusion, we have listed 10 of the best hotspot free trial download that you can get easily on the internet and use. So, whenever you want a hotspot that will give you the best services for free, consider those in this list because they are good. We have equally made it easy for you to download it by giving you their links, or you may visit the app official website.

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