Hotspot Shield Latest Version Free Download for Windows 10, 7, 8.1

Hotspot shield latest VPN free download


Find Hotspot shield latest version free download right on this page. Have you ever wondered what VPN is? Do you need online security and privacy or need to use the Internet without any restrictions? Virtual Private Network (VPN) puts you in a private network where your Internet transactions are secured, and your browsing history is hidden. Also, VPN gives you the cover to stream videos and to visit locked sites without being seen. Hence, you are virtually anonymous.

Hotspot shield latest VPN free download
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In today’s post, I will give you a review of Hotspot Shield developed by AnchorFree one of the top Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers. Let us begin the review.

The Review of AnchorFree Hotspot Shield Product

AnchorFree is one of the popular providers of VPN services. Recently, the company released its Hotspot Shield 2016 called 5.1.8. This product is compatible with Windows 7-10.

The power of this product shows when you use it to visit and pass blocked websites such as YouTube and Facebook. Also, you can use it to enter other websites which normally restricts you. The latest Hotspot shield gives you more virtual protocols than before.

More Countries to Switch Your IP address

For example, before the release of this latest product, you can only gain access to switch your IP to a USA address only. Right now, you have access to the UK, Australia, US, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany Czech Republic, and many additional countries IP addresses.

Hotspot shield latest VPN free download

Popularity of the Product and Encryption of Browsers

Many users have downloaded it for over three hundred million times and more people use it daily. Also, many users prefer it for its ability to encrypt browser operations and its power to access diverse online services online, which you cannot enter by using your normal IP address.

Surfing in Unidentified Mode

You can browse the internet using the Hotspot Shield Latest VPN to keep those who want to hack into your computer Data, away from your IP. Also, this product puts you inside a Virtual Private Network hiding you from those that want to steal your identity.

Other Benefits you get by using VPN include total security for browsing. For example, you have total security when you visit any website with Malware. In addition, your Wi-Fi has protection from those that want to steal your password. 

Difference Between Premium and Free Service

The difference between the paid service and the free is that in the free version, you have advertisements in the user interface. But the good thing is that once you connect to the VPN these adverts does not disturb your use of the network. Furthermore, when you are inside the VPN, your computer processing unit does not need many cycles to work at peak capacity.

Installation of Hotspot Shield Latest VPN

The Latest Hotspot Shield VPN is simple to install and does not take up much computer storage space. To install it, just click the file that contains the setup shield and allow it to run to completion. At completion, you will see a user interface that does not follow the usual dialogue box style. Instead, it appears minimized on your computer desktop.

So, your next task after installation is to select the country IP address you want to use to connect. When you click this Connection Icon, you will see the instant connection on the user interface showing the time you started the process.

The Flexibility of Your Latest VPN

Your latest Hotspot shield VPN is very flexible. You can use it in different ways with different devices. In addition, this product has an option for changing protocols. What this means is that you have the assurance of a secure and fast connection when you use it.

Also, you can choose to download Hotspot shield for Tablets, Windows or Mac devices, Android devices, PC, and iPad.

Excellent Features in this Hotspot Shield

This latest release of HotSpot Shield comes with innovative coding elements. Rest assured that it has so much to give to users. So, let us see some excellent features of this great safety apparatus.Hotspot shield latest VPN free download

  • The VPN hides your identity online.
  • Hotspot Shield gives you a total solution as a virtual private network (VPN)
  • It protects your Wi-Fi or Wireless Connections
  • There is total encryption of your online connections.
  • It works through a tiny window and stays minimized after you install it
  • The shield enables you to send coded information through an un-coded network
  • It will alert you whenever you visit any site without the VPN safety cover
  • VPN gives you access to blocked sites like social media and video streaming sites with ease
  • It protects you from intruders.
  • VPN secures you online like your bankers’ official website.
  • It is light in size and does not take up your computer hard disk space, yet effective
  • You can select the IP of numerous countries

Additional Information About Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy

Hotspot Shield is a virtual portable network that works by changing internet protocol. You can get version 5.1.8 or the latest one in the market. Furthermore, the developer of this awesome product is Anchor free. You can get the free version of this I.P changer from the developer’s website easily. It is light in weight with a setup size of 13.8 megabytes.

The good news is that it does not have any compatibility issues with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 – 10 and works in both 32 bit or 64 bit systems.

What We Think About Hotspot Shield

If you need a reliable and fast key for unlocking blocked Websites, Hotspot shield is a top option you can consider. In addition, Hotspot shield gives you a practical means to hide your IP address plus other features like coding Wi-Fi signals, securing your data from data thieves, giving you secure browsing and some other enhanced features.

Also, we have reviewed this proxy tool objectively and wish to recommend that you get AnchorFree Hot SpotShield because it will serve you well.

How to Get Hotspot Shield Latest VPN Free Download

Just head to the developer’s website and get a quick download in minutes. Here is the link to the Website.


Hotspot Shield gives you a practical ability to hide your IP address, makes you invincible online, codes your Wi-Fi signals, secures your data from data thieves, locks your browsing from intruders, and you can get hotspot shield latest VPN free download without paying for it.

What more could you ask for? Get yours now. Send comments. Tell us how useful it is and share the experience. Also, if you have another VPN to suggest to us, do so.


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