How to download Hoverwatch apk free

How to Download Hoverwatch apk Free

Cell phone spy software is a hugely important necessity today. One of the best spyware out there today is Hoverwatch. You can make use of this software to monitor a mobile phone user all day. You can download Hoverwatch apk for free or opt for a premium plan. It gives you access to the device location, contact details, call history, audio, internet, camera, activities, and texts. In addition, you can monitor activities on social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Telegram. This software contains all the features and functionalities that spyware should possess.

Whether you are a parent or an employer, you can benefit greatly by using Hoverwatch software. You can watch over and monitor the daily activities of your ward or employer. All you need is to install the spyware application on their mobile device and that is it.  You can install it on a laptop or mobile phone to monitor every activity that goes on. This post is going to explain all the things you need to be aware of before you download the Hoverwatch apk.

How to download Hoverwatch apk free
Interface of Hoverwatch

How to download Hoverwatch apk for free

If you want to download Hoverwatch for free, the first thing to do is to navigate to their official website. After this, click on the sign up free button on the top of the navigation bar.

 How do download hoverwatch apk free
Signing up for Hoverwatch

The below interface will appear asking for your mail and password. Type in your correct email and password. Then click on the Sign up free button.

 How do download hoverwatch apk free
Signing up for Hoverwatch

After the dashboard opens, go ahead and install the software on your device. All you have to do is click the link below the Download App button and the apk file will start downloading at the bottom left of your screen. Double click on the file to continue your installation. Tick the appropriate boxes and proceed to installation.

Hoverwatch pricing

To get more updated features of Hoverwatch, you will need to purchase it. Hence, hoverwatch offers three pricing plans: The first is the Personal Plan which is $24.95 for a month, $59.95 for three months, and $99.95 for three months. You can only track one device with this plan. Then next is the Professional which price starts from $9.99 per month for one device, then $49.95 per month, $99.95 for 3 months, and $1999.95 yearly for 5 devices. Finally, there is the Business plan which is $6.00 monthly for a user, $149.95 monthly, $299.95 every three months, and then $499.95 yearly for five devices.

Hoverwatch Pricing Plans
Pricing of Hoverwatch

Whichever plan you choose, all you need is to click the Buy Now button right at the bottom. Y

System Requirements to download Hoverwatch apk

Before you can download any software and run it efficiently on your system, make sure your system meets every requirement. Hoverwatch is compatible with Windows, MAC, and even android devices. However, it does not have an iPhone or iPad version.

Features of Hoverwatch apk

  • Invisibility: When installed on a device, the software stays completely hidden from the user. You can get the correct information about activities carried out on the device without the user’s knowledge. This feature will help parents trying to monitor what their kids are using their screen time for.
  • Calls & Messages: When you download Hoverwatch apk for free or purchase it, you can record every incoming and outgoing call on the device you are spying on. You can make use of the SMS tracker feature to also view the incoming or outgoing messages
  • Geolocation: It has a GPS tracker that can locate where the target device is at a particular moment. No need to worry about the location of your children as this software will be on top of it. It uses GPS, Wi-Fi, and cell towers to target the location of the device.
  • Front Camera: Hoverwatch software has a feature called an automatic front camera which captures the image of the person unlocking the mobile device.
  • Contacts: When you sign up for Hoverwatch apk free account, you will also gain access to every entry in the device address books. You can view it in the user panel.
  • Snapchat Spy: With this software, you can track the flow of media on Snapchat. You will even know the exact time, date, of these media.

Benefits of Hoverwatch

The biggest groups of people to use spyware are parents and employers. As a parent, it is totally normal to want to monitor your underage child’s activities on the internet. There are so many videos and images on the net nowadays that your child might want to view due to curiosity. So, the only way you can do that is to install this application on your child’s phone. You can put them on constant surveillance so that you will not have to worry about them at all times.

As an employer, when you are in the office, it is normal that your employees will work fine to impress you. However, what happens if you are not present, you will have no control over what they are using the companies’ resources to do. They might be using work hours for social media and this will lead to a decrease in productivity. This app will benefit you by letting you know the activities your employees are partaking in during working hours.

When you download the free trial of Hoverwatch, there is no need to worry about its usage. The interface is built in the easiest way possible. All it needs is installation and you will be able to view the target device activities. Lastly, you can use Hoverwatch to track more than one device, it tracks 5 devices.


After reading this post, you should be able to download Hoverwatch apk for free. Your priority as a parent should be the safety of your children and as a business owner, it should be to monitor your employees and make sure they are delivering their best.


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