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How creative you can be with an ICT Skills in Today’s world

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Written by Abe Cherian

Think alongside successful ICT personnel… Me and my ICT skill;

Creativity is an innate thing; ability to create. Everyone have the potential to be creative, If only you can creatively think and take an action for it. The power of imagination can never be underestimated in human existence. Every small and mighty software and gadgets you see out there are from people imaginary ideas with calculated effort.

The things you see around you today are as a result of persons’ creative thinking. Examples: Smart phones, search engines, laptops, Tv, Radio etc. technical knowhow is behind this creative products. That is to say, you can skill yourself alongside that your ICT idea. Imagined the innovation idea from Desktop, Laptop even Notebook.

Now, think of what you want to achieved with your ICT Skill or skills. It’s all about working with already established organization? In this reception of economy in Nigeria, you can make a difference with your ICT skill by solving some technical ICT issue; you can even develop software to tackle some ICT challenges.

Note: the more problems you solve the higher income you earned. Take the case study of Google, what actually started as a student project by two Stanford University students Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996. Which became the world most frequently used Web Search Engine on the internet with over a billion searchers per day in the year 2009.

Their creative thinking ability made them go beyond the search Engine to other innovative applications like Google Earth, Google Map, Gmail, Picasa, acquiring Youtube and Google Market.

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The company grows tremendously from 10 employees working in a garage in Palo Alto to over 15 thousand employees across the globe. What a formula of creative thinking ability. Is admired around the world; within few years of operation, Google was ranked as the number one best to work on earth by Fortune Magazine in 2007.

Nolly Technologies   team equally drawn inspiration from this case study. Why don’t you do the same today? Seat back and relax, think of what you can achieve with your various ICT skills. Don’t let the economic situation put you down from taking this drastic action of being a boss.

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You can research environmental based problem, provide a technical based solution to it like developing software that can solve the problem(s). This may require you to take a course or courses. I will be glad to inform you, we are here in case you want to take any ICT course today.

We render some of these programs free. We are value based firm, with humanitarian mind-set. Approach us today for any of our program or services.




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