How does Payoneer work?

How Payoneer works: Step by Step Guide

Do you know how Payoneer works? Well, We may know a lot about PayPal but here comes another incredibly beautiful way to make transfers. Payoneer, created in the year 2005, is an online financial service used in sending and receiving payments worldwide.

How Payoneer works
How does Payoneer work?

How does Payoneer work?

Payoneer is a great alternative pathway that will let you make and receive payments without any transfers of bank information. It is a convenient platform for freelancers, affiliate marketers, bloggers and just about everyone who makes payments online.

Apart from being good for your online transactions, you can also make serious income from Payoneer refer-a-friend program also called the Payoneer affiliate program.

In this article, I will enlighten you on how to create the account. features and all that you can do with Payoneer.

Payoneer account requirements.

To open a Payoneer account, there are some basic yet very important requirements you must meet. You will need a Driving license, passport or any other government-issued identity card.

The other details you will need is that of your bank account, including details such as Bank account type, bank country, bank name, branch name, account name, account number, and bank account description.

Creating a Payoneer account.

How Payoneer works
How does Payoneer work?

Payoneer is safe to protect your bank account details while making transfers and payments. To begin creating your Payoneer account, click here to start your free registration.

After clicking on the sign-up button, you will be required to fill in your personal information. When done, click Next. Now provide your country’s resident, street address, city postal address and phone number. Then click Next. Now fill your password, security question, Natural Identification (such as an I. D, Driving license or your passport).

Your email and password will be your login details where your security question will come in handy when Payoneer wishes for whatever reason to find out if it’s you logging into your account. When done click next. Now you will have to provide the details as listed before about your local bank account. The next thing to do is to read and tick to agree to their teens and conditions on the privacy policy.

Once done, you will be congratulated and moved a step further. The next thing to do is to wait for contact from the Payoneer team who will review your application and get back to you within 2 or 3 business days. Once approved, you will receive a mail informing you of this development.

How to withdraw funds using Payoneer.

When using Payoneer there are two main ways to withdraw funds.

1. Through Prepaid MasterCard: Users of Payoneer will receive a prepaid MasterCard within a few business days of the transaction after it is approved, from then you can begin to make withdrawals at many different ATM locations. You may check their blog If you wish to see the pricing of using this service.

2. Local Bank Transfer: If you wish to use this method link your account details to your Payoneer account. When you wish to withdraw account, funds will be available within two hours. You can now withdraw funds in your local currency with minimal cost / low fees.

Payoneer transaction fees.

Payoneer will charge you an annual fee of $29.95 on the MasterCard debit card that comes with the account. This fee is the same whether you use the card or not. In addition, payments from one Payoneer account to another are free. Payments using e-check one of the features of using Payoneer is 0% fee on US dollars but 3% on other currencies especially those done with credit cards. When you withdraw funds to your local bank account there is a charge of $1.5.

Payoneer accounts for companies.

How does Payoneer work
How does Payoneer work?

If you have less than five workers, then you should attempt to load funds manually into a Payoneer card. However, this method only works if you wish to send funds to another Payoneer account. Nonetheless, if you do have more than five workers you can also register for a company account by going to the Payoneer website.

Payoneer Partner:

Here is a list of companies that work with Payoneer, so you can see how you can early receive your payments from them if you work under them.

Upwork, Elance, Amazon, Infolinks, 2CheckOut, com, PayPal, iStockPhoto, com, PeoplePerHour, Teespring, AirBnB, Taboola, Avangate, 99Designs, Adinch, AliveMax, Allwriting.Net, Amarillas Internet, AmericanRena, American summer, AprioriBeauty, Arena, Artua, AVAFX, Avangate, Awempire, Belvg, Birthright, US Winter 2012, Bluesnap,, BrainSystems, CastingDynamics, Checkpoint Sell Big, Cieaura, Clearvoicesurveys, ClickHeat Euro, Conspelia, Cpalead, DemandMedia, Depositphotos Inc, Doron Cohen- VC, Dreamstime, DSNR Media Group, DubLi, ecome2, Elance, Envato,Evolvhealth, Fastspring, FIBOGroup, DHL, Fiverr, Fiverr LBT (India), Forevergreen,, FriendFinder, FXPrimus, Greensmoke, Guru.Com, Gvo,HKGlobal, IT, Hotforex, IBFX, iCODE Systems-VC, ImLive’name, Infolinks, INinbox, InnerLight, InstaForex, InternationalTravel, Ionicware, iStockPhoto, Isxperia, Itworks, Kyani, Level 9 Marketing, Ludaxx_International, Lux Flights, Markethealth, MediaShakers, Nfty – Summer,Nhtglobal, Nubelo, Nubelo Euro, oDesk, Onehourtranslation, Optima, Origin Pure, Perfect World Marketing, Post Office, Prime Internet Marketing, Prohq, Projectpayday, Restart Your Life, ReviewMe, RevvNRG, RS Ran LTD- VC,S&M Products, Saucomi- Vc, ScriptLance, Seopassport, Sfi, ShareCash, Smowtion, StarionEnergy,, Student Media Group, Syntek Global, Textlinksads, Timber Lake Camp, TopCoder, Total Life Changes, Toursbylocals, UNIVA CAPITAL, Uship, Utest, UTS – EUR, UVOCORP, Viridian Energy, Visalus, Vworker, Wellnesspro, Wister, Workana, Worldventures, Writerbay, XtraPlan
Zooz, ZoozEUR, Maxbounty, PeerFly, Neverblue, Clickdealer, Profit Kings Media, PeerFly, Neverblue, Clickdealer, Profit Kings Media, Neverblue, Clickdealer, Profit Kings Media.

With this article, I am sure you will look forward to using the Payoneer platforms. Do let us know your thought and actions while using this platform.

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