How the Western Union Works

How Western Union Works in Receiving And Sending Payments

This is how Western Union works. Western Union is a wire transfer service that gives you access to quick transfers of money to many countries and regions across the world.

It is a formidable financial service platform that has stood as one of the most reputable financial service providers for many years.

how western union works

Although, for many years, Western Union transfers took a physical transaction method. Today, there are many more ways to send money via Western Union. You can now make payments and make transactions online without having to seek the services of a Western Union agent or other physical channels.

This awesome innovative process will take only a few seconds to process. In a little time, your loved ones or business partners will be able to access the funds.

Opening an Account with Western Union Online.

Setting up an account with Western Union Online is so easy, all you need do is visit this page and then begin the process. Provide your basic information, address, country and zip code and you are all set.

Create western union account

Nevertheless, Western Union runs two different accounts set-ups for your business and personal use. The sign-up process, therefore, may be a bit different.

Personal Western Union Setup: All you need do is simply provide your basic information and within hours if your account is approved, you can begin making transactions.

Business account setup: The first step to getting a Western Union business account starts with filling out your personal information. The next step entails providing your business information and documentation. Once your account is approved you can start making financial transactions. This should equally take about 24 hours.

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Sending Money through Western Union Online.

Once you have set up your Western Union Online Fx account, you can begin sending funds. If you also wish to send money in different currencies, this is an easy platform. You can begin by accessing and getting a quote for the exchange you wish to perform and when satisfied, click “Make Payment Now” After this, follow the instructions on your screen to complete the process, once approved and processed, you will receive an email confirming that your payment has been booked.

You can send funds via two Payment methods. If you choose to pay with your debit card, then the funds will be automatically withdrawn, uploaded to your Western Union online wallet and instantly sent to its recipient.

If you choose to use Wire transfer, then your funds may take a bit of time, before they are transferred from your bank account to the recipient. Once it is successful, you will receive an email confirming its success.

Requirements for an account Individual or sole proprietorship

  • A bank statement
  • A valid government issued photo ID and avoid secondary ID such as passport drivers license or birth certificate
  • A physical mailing address

Businesses require more documentation which includes:

  • Proof of signing an authority
  • official business documentation eg. a business license
  • A physical mailing address
  • One piece of valid government-issued photo ID/ piece of secondary ID such as passport drivers license or birth certificate.

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The Western Union Online platform is an awesome way to send money to anywhere in the World.

When making transfers whether by direct debit or wire transfers into your Western union wallet. You will be charged no fees for this little service.

In addition, these funds may take up to 3 days to fully get instigated on your online handle. This will be subsequent;y transferred to the recipient.

Western Union Online transfers fee system.

However, making payments from the wallet to your friends and business partners requires a different set of fees. There are three methods for this payment and their fees:

  • For a standard transfer that will take about 3 to 5 days to deliver cost about $5.
  • An expedited (Wire transfer) that will take about 1 to 2 business days to deliver will cost you $22.
  • Lastly, making a draft or e-check which will take minimum 10 to 15 business days. It will cost you no money at all.

How Western Union Works – Wrapping up.

You can now begin making your business transactions by picking the payment methods that appeals to you the most.

I do hope this article provides you with the right information about how the Western Union work and how to use their online service. Feel free to let us know about your experiences with this service.

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