How Google Voice Works For Windows & Smartphones

A lot of people are giving more attention to Google Voice. I am also part of them because it is a great service. Also, I am sure you know that voice means communication which involves talking to your message to another person. Furthermore, I am sure that if you were to take conversation away from people, the world will be a dull and boring place to live in. That said, do you know that Google voice is not a phone service that will allow you to manage all your phones calls? Hence, in this post we are going to show you how google voice works for windows and smartphones.

How Google Voice Works For Windows & Smartphones

Without further waste of your time, let us start now.

How Google Voice Works For Windows & Smartphones

How does Google voice work for Smartphone & Windows?

Google voice software is a program that permits a person to use the app as a main cellphone gadget and it is free. But you have to register with the app so that you can explore many of its features which we will be highlighting as we proceed on this article.

In addition, the way the app works for Windows is slightly different from the way it works on Smartphones.

How do I connect my Google voice to my Smartphone?

How you can use Google voice on your Smartphone is very simple, all you need to do is to follow the steps below;

Step 1: On your browser go to and sign in with your Google account details.

Step 2: You will see these options which are;

  1. I want a new number
  2. I want to use my mobile number

Select the first one (i), that is if you are sure that you want to use Google voice for just your primary phone number. Moreover, you can port your mobile number to Google Voice later at any time you feel like doing that.

Step 3: Enter a forwarding number, that is the number that will ring whenever someone calls your Google Voice number. Also, Google app will allow you can add more forwarding number later.

Furthermore, note that Google will have to confirm your forwarding phone number. So. if you like, you can pick a new forwarding number. Also, you can input an area code, a word phrase, or number that you would like to add to your new phone number; this will make it easy for Google to find any available number that uses it.

Once Google voice allocates a number to you, you can start calling, sending and receiving texts for free.

How can I download the Google voice app on my smartphone?

  1. Go to your play store or iTunes and search for Google voice, click on install and open.
  2. Use your Google account to sign in and follow all the steps in order for your Google voice account’s set up to be successful.
  3. However, for you to enable push notifications for new voicemail and texts, you have to open the settings menu.
  4. Start making your calls, you do not have restrictions on who to call and who not to call because you can call any number with it.
  5. In addition you can send and receive text messages with Google Voice. Similarly, with this app, you can send texts to multiple people through group texts.

How do I connect my Google voice to my Windows?

Google voice works for Windows operationg sysytem. So, simply follow these below;

1: Open the Google voice website, click on get Google voice and sign in using your Google account. You will be provided with options like iOS, Android, or Web, choose Web.

2: After doing that, you will see a page where they will ask you to choose a Google voice number. Also, you should note that for you to get a number from your city or region you need to enter city or area code.

3: Choose just one number as your Google voice number for a start by clicking select.

4: And then use the verify button, to verify your existing number.

5: Send the code by entering the phone number that Google voice will forward incoming calls to, and click ‘send code’.

6: Next, you will receive a text message on your phone, enter the code on the Google voice website.

7: To confirm that you entered the code correctly click on verify.

8: You also need to confirm that you want to forward Google voice calls to that phone number.

9: Next, click on the finish button to finish setting up

10: Finally, click on ‘finish’ again to open up your Google account.

What are the Features of Google voice?

As we talk about how Google Voice works for Windows and Smartphones, it is good we find out its best features too so that you know the value of this free service.

  • Free phone number
  • Mobile Apps
  • In addition you can read your voicemail and equally search through it like email.
  • Spam call blocker
  • SMS via computer
  • Furthermore, it allows call screening
  • Link to Landline
  • Make your International Calls at low Rates
  • In addition you can personalize your voicemail greetings for both family and friends.

How much does Google voice cost?

Google voice is absolutely free to download. Also, once you have downloaded the software you have unlimited free calls when you are calling from U.S and Canada.


In conclusion, we have showed you how google voice works for windows and smartphones respectively. Now you do not have to miss any important calls because it will just notify you. We hope this article has a proffered solution to your question on how google voice works for windows and smartphones.

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