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How I made my first million online – Real! No jokes

making money online through website or blog
Written by Abe Cherian

It was a breakthrough for me in September 2014. I remember vividly how a DHL agent knocked my door that Friday morning with a thick parcel which turned out to be an envelope containing a cheque. Before now, I didn’t usually believe the fact that people make money online until that fateful day. I‘d tried several conceivable plans to make money online in the past but all attempt failed. Do you know why? It was because I didn’t have access to the right information. As a young man who’s eager to make a living online, I had been a victim of online scammers who promised heaven and earth but never fulfill their promise.

My friend, I’m here today to testify that making money online is as genuine as rainfall.

All you need to start making money online have been uncovered, just keep reading. With the clues and techniques, you’re good to go. Making money especially online requires time and little money (investment).

Well, you’re indeed a lucky fellow for having someone like me to coach you before you venture. If I had a mentor few years ago, I would have avoided some mistakes I made while still growing in the business.

How Do I make money online?

Don’t be deceived, the fasted way of making money online is that you own a website or a quality blog site. How will you feel after receiving your first monthly cheque from your online employer? Well, Linda Ikeji and Victor Ikani should explain better.

If you’re not convinced enough, please come down to our office tomorrow for a brief meeting or give us a call.

If you’re interested in making real money virtually, we can help you setup a blog website strictly for that purpose. Contact us in order to start setting up your tools immediately.

I am sorry this secret could only be revealed to our website design clients around Nigeria only. So, if you already have an existing website, it is unfortunate that we can’t help…Unless you agree to our terms.


You may be wondering why we chose to be little strict. It’s not our fault; we wouldn’t want to lose out our investment either.

What we stand to gain after your machine (website) is setup is that the entire profit for the first 2 months is ours otherwise; you can decide to pay us off with few bucks.

Enough of the convincing.


I’m also using this opportunity to specially invite you to our One on One coaching program on the following: Website Design | Video Editing | Graphics Design/Cartooning | Database Management.

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