How much is adobe photoshop

How Much Actually is Photoshop? (The Cost Overview).

Many photo editors are asking us “how much is photoshop?” immediately after publishing an article on how to download Adobe Photoshop for free. Some other likely question is “can you buy photoshop permanently?” Well, this article answers your questions

Adobe Photoshop is a very effective tool for rasterization of images and several patterns of graphics design. It is used basically for editing and creating photos, 3D graphics, videos, websites and apps.

How much is photoshop

How Much is Photoshop? (The Cost Overview).

Most users that wish to make use of this veritable tool are usually hindered by the cost of buying Adobe Photoshop. Subscription and payment for Adobe Photoshop are relatively expensive and this is widely known by many.

Users who wish to pay for Adobe Photoshop can do so via many channels. Some of the channels are very expensive than the others. Hence, there is a need for users to have detailed information about each of these channels of Payment.

The cost of paying for Adobe photoshop skyrocketed ever since the incorporation of Adobe in the creative cloud. Adobe Photoshop creative cloud is only available for monthly subscription and yearly. The yearly plan requires payment for one year. It gives the best value for money and there is a 14-days money back option for users to cancel their subscription and their money will be refunded back to them in full. Cancellation of the plan after the 14-days will warrant a 50% fee for the remaining months.

The Adobe CC monthly subscription is very flexible. It gives room for the users to stop and start their subscription without a cancellation fee. The Adobe Creative cloud service begins immediately payment is done successfully. The yearly payment is done in one lump and the renewal is automatic.


The creative cloud software is not saved on the internet, rather they are downloaded and installed locally on the computer. There is no need for internet connection in order to use the Apps, but users only need to connect to the internet only once every 99 days in order to validate their membership.

Adobe creative cloud software can be run on more than one computer and it works perfectly on Windows, Mac and on mobile.

The increase in the number of payment channels has instigated an increase in the number of plans, discounts and other items. There is no Adobe Photoshop plan that fits all the necessary functionalities in the software.
In this post, we shall analyse the different costs of Adobe Photoshop.

Back then, Adobe used to name that Photoshop versions using version numbers. It’s still
in use though but not really active due to the emergence of the Creative Cloud subscription service. Adobe incorporated Photoshop into a web-based subscription service called the Adobe creative cloud (Photoshop CC). This subscription service allows automatic update of the software so long you have an active subscription. The updates take place automatically and there is no need for additional purchase.
The migration to the creative cloud brought about a change in the way payment is made. Payments is no longer a one-time payment of about $700 but rather, it is done monthly. In this case, the load of paying for a heavy initial cost will not be there and the license ends whenever you cancel the subscription.

Users are usually perplexed on which of the subscription plan to go for. It is pertinent for users to choose a subscription plan that fits the needs and budgets. The next section of this write up will highlight the plans available, their pros and their cons.

Single app plan.

This is the first and basic subscription option available on Adobe creative cloud It allows the usage of just one app from the Adobe creative cloud. Some of the features of subscribing to this plan include a free 100GB adobe creative cloud storage space. Users can connect and share their work online with their colleagues via the Adobe portfolio. They will also have access to a font Library called Typekit. The cost of subscription for the Adobe creative cloud single App plan is $20 monthly or $240 yearly.
Many users have a common feeling that this plan is expensive. This is true to some extent since there are other available plans that offer more at cheaper costs.

Photography plan.

This plan is more cost effective than the single App plan. It is simply captioned the “photography plan”. Varieties included I’m this plan includes lightroom creative cloud. Lightroom classic creative cloud and Photoshop creative cloud. The cost of the subscription is $10 monthly and $120 yearly. The type kit feature and the portfolio access are all available in this plan.

It is very glaring that this plan is more cost-effective than the Single-app plan. The free creative cloud storage offered in this plan is also better. 20GB free storage space in the creative cloud is offered to subscribers. For users that require more storage space, Adobe also offers 1TB free creative cloud storage space at $20 monthly and $240 yearly. This deal is also better than the single App plan.

All apps plan.

If you need something more than just photography, then you should go for the All Apps plan which gives you access to use any of the Adobe Apps. This cost of the subscription to this plan is $50 monthly and it comes with 100GB storage space in the creative cloud. This plan is very useful for users who wish to make use of loads of Adobe software. Software available in the Adobe portfolio are used for a multiplicity of things such as graphics, video editing, after video effects, desktop editing, etc and they are all available for just $50 per month.

How much is Photoshop for students and teachers?

Adobe offers a special discount for students and teachers. Users that are officially affiliated with a school as students or as teachers are allowed to enjoy price slash in their subscription for the All App plan. For students and teachers, the monthly subscription for the All Apps plan is $20 monthly for the first year after which the subscription amount will increase to $30 monthly so far the user account is still affiliated to school.

Creative Cloud for teams:

This plan is purely for the business class. It gives room for a simplified synchronization of assets across devices. Users and teams of workers can connect and share ideas on the creative clouds. Photoshop is one of the too Apps available on this plan. Other Apps include Adobe Illustrator CC and Adobe XD CC. It offers a 100GB cloud space on the creative cloud and the monthly subscription cost is $79.99 for all Apps and $33.33 for single Apps.


Adobe Photoshop is a veritable tool and one of the most important software for graphics designers and editors. The cost of buying the licence for a complete ownership right of the App is very expensive. Hence, the Creative Cloud subscription offers a cheaper and more resourceful payment option.

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