How the 1 Month Skype Free Trial Works

Lots of people have created numerous video chatting apps; which will be difficult for us to make a good selection. Skype Free Trial When we say good, we mean the one that best fit our needs and they are equally free. However, Skype free trial is good video chatting software that you can try.

What does Skype free trial entail?

Skype is software that you can use to make video calls or chat internationally. You can get access to call a landline in over 40 countries or call mobile phones in 7 countries without paying a dime. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa devices, desktop, mobile, tablet, and Xbox.

How can I get the 1 month Skype free trial?

This is available for those people that do not have an account with Skype. You will need to open a Microsoft account.

  1. Visit their official website

You can visit their official website here;

  1. Download Skype

When you scroll down you will see where it is boldly written ‘download skype’ click on it or you visit the website and download Skype.

download skype

  1. Get a free trial

On their page, you will see ‘get a free trial’ when you scroll down, click on it.

  1. Choose your billing period

The billing period comes in a 1-month free trial, pay every 3 months, and pay every 12 months. You will have to choose the 1-month free trial and click on ‘continue’.

  1. Sign in

Now if you do not have a Skype account, you will need to create a Microsoft account. So click on ‘create on’

sign in to Skype

  1. Create an account

You need to create this account with an existing email or phone number because they will send you a confirmation code on it. Create a password

Write the password that you can easily remember and click on ‘next’. Fill in your details and click ‘next’.

  1. Verify email

A code will be sent to your email, enter the code and click on ‘next’. They will need to confirm if you are a real person by asking you to identify the characters. When you are done, click on ‘next’.

  1. Enter your billing address

This billing address is essential because it will be saved for future use. When you are done click on ‘Save’

  1. Start using it

At this point, you can now start using the software application and enjoy all its feature for just a month. If you choose to continue you can. We beat you that you will not regret using it.

What are the features of Skype?

  1. You can use it to do HD video calling, Skype allows you to do one to one or group video calling.
  2. Subtitles, all the word that is spoken during an audio or video call, you can easily read it because the subtitle is available.
  3. Easy screen sharing; it also allows you to share any presentation, holiday photos, music, etc during a call.
  4. It records your call; you can use it to record any important calls. Skype is very useful when it comes to capturing those special moments.
  5. Use Skype to call landlines and mobile phones, you can do that anywhere in the world at a low rate.
  6. Skype phone number, you can answer calls on Skype when you get a local phone number. This number is recognized in another country or region.
How to use Skype for voice and video call on your device
  1. Install Skype

Go to their websites and install the app. If you are using an iOS you will find skype on iOS app in the App store, but if you are using an Android device, you get it on the android market.

  1. Set up the app

Once you have downloaded the app, tap on it to install it, this is specifically for Android and iOS devices. You will be asked to sign up into your Skype account. If you do not have you can create one with Microsoft, we listed the steps above.

  1. Make a call

At this point, Skype is ready for use. Do you know that you can make two types of calls using skype? One is the skype to skype calls and the second one is the skype to phone calls. Why don’t you make your choice and start calling?

In Conclusion

Having discussed how the 1 month Skype free trial works, we can now see that it is possible. It has an amazing feature that will just satisfy all your needs, especially the one that concerns international calls. In addition to that, their calls are completely free anywhere in the world. We are positive that you will find this article useful, please leave a comment.

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