How the 1 Month Skype Free Trial Works

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Skype free trial exists for a few selected nations or regions. Why I say this is because, for instance, you have 60 countries that are allowed to make unlimited calls to their landline. Though Skype has many types of subscriptions, you must pick an exact option to get the free trial. However, you can still get the free subscription just read on.

In this article, we shall show you how the 1 Month Skype Free Trial Works so that you can get it.

What is Skype?

Skype is software that allows you to communicate easily globally using the internet. It also enables you to view the caller through a web camera. They also have a messaging capability and share video and some files on the internet too. You can use Skype on your Desktop computer, tablet or mobile phones.

Unlimited Skype Calls

When you make Skype calls to other Skype users you can make calls to anywhere in the world free. You pay when you use it to make calls to a landline, cell phone or go outside skype, send SMS or use voice mail.

Skype Subscriptions

There are many types of subscriptions you can use. They include monthly, skype credit, Skype number and skype to go, However, we are particular about Skype to phone subscriptions.

Additional Facts About Free trials

Skype makes it clear that you can get free trials in certain regions if you had no ongoing subscription before. They also confirmed that you can only get specific subscriptions below a certain price on free trials. In addition, they suggest you wait while they add your region if it is not currently enjoying the free trial offer.


Finally, Skype suggests that you can sign up for free trial on the subscription page. When you visit the page there is no link for a subscription but details of popular calling options. The answer to your search is right there on that page. Let us show you how to get Skype free trial.

How to Get the Skype Free Trial

Skype to phone subscriptions allows you to call anywhere in the world. When you click the free trial you are directed to the subscription page. Here you can go on and select your choice. Please note that you must subscribe to a particular offer and (pay) for it before you will get a 1-month free offer in the bargain.

Charge to your account

When you sign up for a free trial, Skype will debit your credit card, debit card or bank account with a small amount merely to verify your identity. This is done to also confirm whether the payment method you gave them while signing up for the 1-month free trial is real. But you shouldn’t worry because it will appear in your statement as a pending transaction. However, they will reverse this debt immediately they confirm that your payment details are genuine.

Available in Devices

You are allowed to call anywhere in the world because their rates are low. Skype works on all device. It is available for Ipad, iPhone, Xbox, windows, and even your browser.

Flexible Payment Options

They have flexible payment options. You can pay with in-store vouchers. Other ways you can pay include Skype bots, Western Union, Trust pay, Cyberplat, Prepaid cards, and Skype vouchers.

Skype free trial

Let’s see the steps to get this offer.

Step 1: To get Skype free trial

You can buy Skype credit or subscribe to any subscription type you want. Here skype request you to tell them where you wish to call and then they would recommend the best options for you.  Click this link to learn more.

Step 2: Download Skype

skype free trial

You would need to download the latest version of the Skype software application. After getting the application, you must sign in. Make sure you have an account. If you do not have an account open one with you Microsoft email identity or phone number.

The download link for Skype app is on the subscription page. Click it to download.

Step 3: Make Your Calls

Once you have performed the first two steps you can start making calls and chatting to your loved ones. It is that simple.

Watch out

Recall that you gave them either a credit card or a form of payment when you signed up for the free trails. Therefore, be on the alert if you mean to cancel the subscription which you entered into when you took up the free trial offer.

So, make sure you cancel the free trial offer before the 30 days expires or else Skype will charge you the exact amount for the subscription you chose. Note, that your free trial will run for 30 days even if you cancel the subscription offer.


You can get Skype free trial provided you are in the nations or regions Skype chose to get it. Secondly, you must start the journey by choosing Skype to phone subscriptions, download skype and start making calls to your family and friends. Finally, you should be alert to cancel the free offer if you don’t want the subscription to continue.


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