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How to Add Extension to Chrome (for PC And Android)

This post will teach you how to add extension to chrome browser for PC and Android phones. You are aware that extension is a software program that enables you to modify how Chrome behaves when you use it. Also, you make extensions with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Furthermore, an extension can come from reputable software developers who wish to use the browser to advertise their app’s features and benefits.

add extension to chrome

However, it does not matter what their aims are as long as it enriches your user experience. For example, when you use extensions they can save time, give you ease, speed and valuable information in one spot. Hence, you can say that extension is a valuable add-on to your browser.

Let us learn how you can add them to your devices.

How to Add Extension to Chrome (for PC And Android)

How to install Extensions on your PC 

  1. Launch Google chrome on your computer. This application has a blue red, green and yellow color and it is circular in shape.
  2. Open Chrome web store by typing “chrome web store” into your Google Chrome browser. When you do a search, you will see the web store website in the list that the browser returns to you. Click on Web store to go to the web store. Also, you can copy the link and paste it into your browser window, or better still, click this link.
    add extension to chrome add extension to chrome - webstore
  3. Look for and pick the extension you want to add to your Google Chrome Browser and click it. However, if it is not there on the page, you search for it by typing the name of the extension you want.
  4. Next, click on it to add extension to chrome. In addition to the above steps, some extensions that may need special permissions or data will ask for them before you can add them to Chrome. In that case, click “Add extension” to carry out the command.add
  5. Look to the left bottom side of your screen, to confirm that the extension is downloading to your computer
  6. After you add the extension to chrome, test whether it is working properly by using it. To use it, click the Icon showing the application or extension that you have just added to your Google browser on the top right-hand side of the address bar.

add extension to chrome-Icon

7. Click that icon to launch the extension and use it the way you want.

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How to add extensions to Chrome on Android

To Install the extension to chrome on your phone follow these steps.

Step 1.  To be able to add extension to chrome on Android you must install Yandex Browser on your Android phone. Therefore, go to Google play store and download Yandex.

add extension to chrome -Yandex browser

Step 2. After downloading Yandex Browser on your phone, visit Google chrome webstore.


Step 3.  Go to extensions option which is located at the left side of your screen inside chrome web store and select extensions.


Step 4. Next, find the extension you like that you want to install on your phone to add extension to chrome.


Step 5. When you find an extension you like click the application and you will see a display saying “add to chrome”. Just go ahead and click it.

add extension

Step 6. Next, you will see a box that displays “Add Extension”. Click it to add that extension to your Android phone browser.

Step 7. Once you click this, your download will start. When the download finishes the extension is added to your Google Chrome Android browser.

Step 8. So, to confirm whether the download was successful, click on three dots on the lower right-hand side of your browser window.


Step 9. Finally, you will see a list of items on there. Select Extensions. Click on it to select the extension you want to use.



This is the best way to add extension to chrome on your Android phone browser for now. In addition, please note that Yandex browser will not support all extensions in Google Chrome. So, pick the one it supports to use. Furthermore, you can use it and send feedback on how it worked on your PC and Android phone.


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