How To Buy Goods From AliExpress

AliExpress is an online shopping mall owned by China’s top online marketplace, It is like Amazon and features a lot of products. On AliExpress, you will find many top Chinese exporters and suppliers selling products at low wholesale prices.


How to buy from AliExpress
How to buy from


At AliExpress you can purchases items such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, laptops, clothes, shoes, watches, and more at wholesale prices even if you prefer to buy just one item for personal use or you wish to purchase for retail purposes in your country.

AliExpress Shopping Requirements.

To begin buying goods from, here is the requirements you must have at hand or available to do so:
1) Funds: You must have the required funds to pay for the product or products you wish to buy as well the shipping fee as well as the required import/custom duty.

2) A Means of Payment: Having funds in your bank account is just a single step, you must have means of payment online. This means your account must be eligible for Internet payment options as this is required and then your Mastercard and Visa debit/credit cards are the recommended tools but you can also use online payment options like Wire Transfer, Western Union, Web Money, Paypa account and Maetro Debit card.

3) Internet Access:  You should remember that is an online shopping mall, therefore access to the internet is a must have. In addition, it is more advisable to use personal internet access as this will keep you secure from undue hacks of your accounting information,

4) AliExpress Account: The next requirement is that you own an account with AliExpress, this you can create right now through this age or do so when you are satisfied with the goods you wish to purchase.

5) A Means for Receiving your Order: During your ordering process, endeavor to make known reliable address such as the nearest post office or a physical address so that you will be able to receive your products.

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How to Buy Products from AliExpress.

how to buy from aliexpress

Now you have all you require for shopping on Aliexpress. Then let us proceed to the buying process. Here are the steps required with few tips and tricks to make sure you get the right products to your doorstep. First, go to the website and create an account and proceed to the next stage.

Identify the product(s) you want to buy.

You can either login directly or take a view of the different products applicable or you can draw a list of the goods you wish to purchase. It is often advisable to place down your potential orders on paper so you are not swayed into getting what you do not need. You should note that it is often better to buy all products from one supplier as this reduces your overall shipping cost and allow you save money.

Identifying a Good Supplier.

There are many products and suppliers on the AliExpress but the problem lies in getting a reliable supplier that will get the job done. This should be your main target and you must carefully go through this process. AliExpress uses a rating system whereby previous buyers rate suppliers on how good and reliable there services were rendered. This will serve as a proof of the suppliers reputation. You can check this by simply clicking on “Seller rating” link anywhere on AliExpress from the search page, category page, or brand page  and seller rating will be displayed according to the reputations of each seller. You can also learn more about a supplier by clicking on “Positive feedback rate to learn more about what the customers thought about the services rendered.

Features and Specifications check.

Next, checkout the features, price and discount rates offered (if any). Make sure it matches what you desire down to the “t” to avoid getting a product because of false assumptions. Then check to see. Next confirm the delivery services used by the Supplier such as post office or otherwise, you can also make a request to the supplier on the kind of delivery service you prefer. In order to do, this simply click the button right next to the product “Contact Now” and leave a message. You can do this if you are not sure about the product so you will receive clarifications.

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Order the Product.

how to buy from

Once satisfied, you can now order the product. To this, simply, click the “Add to Cart “button on the product page of each product. And after adding all products you wish to purchase, then click on the Buy Now button.

Please note: if products are from different suppliers, they will incur separate shipping fees but products from one supplier only gets a single shipping cost.

Track your Order

Once successfully placed, the supplier will then make arrangement to ship the products. Your order may take between 1 to 7 days to get to you.  After shipping, you will receive a tracking number to let you know about the progress of your order. This number will appear in the transaction dashboard of your AliExpress account. You can use this number to track it through other delivery systems like DHL.

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Receive your Order

Once the product reaches your city, you will be aware of it via the tracking number. If delivery systems like DHL are used, it will be delivered to your doorstep or otherwise. If your product has any such tax on it, you will be required to pay before you can collect it.

Using is easy and safe, all you need do is simply follow the steps outlined here. Please let us know your experiences via the AliExpress marketplace by placing a comment below.

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