How To Check JAMB Result Online

How to check Jamb result Online
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Check JAMB result online with the process outlined in this free guide. This article will teach you how to simply check your Jamb score and result online.

How To Check JAMB Result Online

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Examination (JAMB) is something here in Nigeria that you have to attain if you must secure a spot in one of the Universities across the country.

To pass this exam, you must have prepared extensively for it not just with knowledge academically but as well a bit of computer knowledge. This is because this exam is no longer conducted manually in the country and must be done by a computer-based test (CBT).

Contrary to most other CBT examinations, you cannot access the results there and then after the examinations, this is because Jamb doesn’t just score your examination but the worksheets and overall competence to ensure that the right results are bestowed on you.

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Therefore, if you need to check JAMB result online after the exam, here are the important guidelines.

Requirements for checking your Jamb result online.

To check JAMB result online you must have the following:

  1. Proper identification: this includes your Personal Identification (PIN) and your Serial or registration number.
  2.  An Internet-enabled device: to check your Jamb result online, you must have an internet enabled device, it can be a personal PC, notebook, tablet or even smartphones. Some smaller mobile phones with internet access can also be used.

Note: you do not need a scratch card to check your jamb result, this practices was done in the past, but is no longer necessary again.

Checking your Jamb Result Online

Once you are sure of the requirements, you can now proceed to check your Jamb score online, this procedure is quite easy and can be done on your own. Once you are ready to do so, follow this instruction below:

  • Visit the Jamb website via this link (
  • Once you are on the Website, you will be able to view many different buttons and information, all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • At the bottom, you will see an empty box, where you will be requested to enter your PIN and registration number.
  • Click “Next” to activate
  • You will be redirected to a page
  • Ensure that this page loads correctly, so you do not have any errors
  • Once the page is completely loaded, you will be able to see your jamb result’
  • If you wish to print, it is often advisable to use a computer so you can print it out very easy.

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Need to Know.

Sometimes, you may get an error message, do not pain, sometimes this is can be because of technical issues, or network, or overload on the site by various candidates.

All you need do is simply: Log off and sign back on, do not allow anyone deceive you towards something different.

I do hope you found this article worthwhile, do let us know if you require more information about any issues encountered why checking your jamb results online

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