How to configure and receive website emails on your phone

Written by Abe Cherian

Do you know you can now check your website emails directly on your phone? Some customers prefer reaching you on phones when making enquiry about the company’s products or services rather than using the Emails. Do you know why? They believe emails takes time to be attended to. We are going to change that belief into something positive. You can now carry your emails with you where ever you go. The interesting part of this is that, you will be receiving real time notifications about any single email that drops in your inbox. For instance, when someone makes an enquiry about your services through your website’s contact us form or Emails, the email will be received through your phone and you’ll also get a notification. You will agree with me that your customers will be happy when their emails are replied within an hour. Isn’t that cool? …good!

As technology is evolving so is our research. So, in this tutorial, you are going to be learning how to configure your android phone in order to start receiving your emails on your phone.
Without much ado, grab your android phone right away and go to settings. Under account category, click ‘Add account’. Click Email (the envelope logo) and you will be provided with option to enter your email and password. Enter the credentials (Email address and password) you got earlier from this tutorial: How to create an official website email; Example, [email protected] and your password.

Adding your emails

After filling in the details, click ‘Manual Setup’. In the next screen, you’ll be provided with three options which are: POP3, IMAP (recommended) and Exchange. Here, you will have a choice to make. The POP3 option will help you download all emails sent to your website address down to your phone and then delete them permanently from your web server. I recommend the second option IMAP; because you may still prefer having every copy of your emails online even after reading or viewing them on the phone. Ok?

accessing your emails on phone

Choose account type


Click the IMAP button. In the next screen (Incoming Settings), you’ll be asked to provide the Username (The E-mail Address), Password, IMAP server, Port, Security Type and IMAP path prefix. In default, the username entry already contains the email address you entered earlier likewise the password. But in case these entries are empty, you can manually type the username and password.

The IMAP server settings should just carry your website address without the www e.g. nollytech.com. In order to set the port settings, change the Security type settings to; SSL/TLS (accept all certificates). As soon as you do that, your port settings will automatically change to port ‘993’ Leave the last option (IMAP path prefix) blank and click the ‘Next’ button.

Very Important: Make sure you’re connected to the internet before you proceed.

In the next Screen (Outgoing settings), the things you’re expected to change are the SMTP server, Port and Security type. The SMTP server settings should still maintain your website address. In order to get the port information, change the Security type from the drop-down menu to SSL/TLS (accept all certificates) and finally click done.

We’re progressing! Aren’t we? ….good!

You may now adjust other settings in the last screen to your choice. As soon as they are all set, your phone will start syncing your mails immediately. Now that you have configured your phone into receiving any emails sent to your official email address, you can start checking your emails through the Email App on the phone Home screen. Subsequently, you will start receiving notifications on any emails received for you to take immediate action.

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