How to Deliver Great Online Classes through Effective Teaching Strategies

Transitioning from traditional method of learning to online learning will have its own challenges. This is because teaching online classes have a different approach than face to face learning. It might be difficult for teachers who do not have any prior experience. Online learning involves interacting with students remotely, it takes away the physical interaction that face to face learning allows. As an educator, the success of your student in a virtual school lies with your teaching approach. You need to think of ways you can gain their attention and actually make them listen in class. There are so many things involved in teaching remotely. So, if you are going to be teaching online now, this post will mention some of the effective strategies that will help you.

How to Deliver Great Online Classes through Effective Teaching Strategies

If you are about to move your classes online, you will need to prepare your mind and change every strategy you have always used in a traditional class. An online school is the integration of technology into the traditional method of teaching. The main foundation is that students and teachers are interacting remotely and have no physical interaction. Every question, assessment, information, resources will need to be distributed via an online learning platform.

There are lots of online learning platforms out there that provide excellent services to you and your students. They will provide whatever resources or materials teachers or students will need to have a great learning environment. So, if you will soon deliver online classes, it is important to familiarize yourself with some of the best and effective teaching strategies:

Get familiar with technology

Since you are using an online learning management system for the first time, the first step you need to take is to get to know more information about it. Let your students know you are training yourself for their own good. You need to learn how to manage lesson work, perform assessments, generate feedback and use important tools on whatever platform you will be using. Most platforms provide instructions to make it easy for teachers. Go over their instructions and contact the support if you have any problems. This makes it easy for you to connect with your students and use tools on the LMS when teaching them. Learning more about the technology you are using is an effective strategy you should not overlook.

Set expectations

As an educator, students follow your lead. So, to make online learning effective, you need to provide clear expectations. Let them know about your course objective and provide them with the syllabus. They should know what is required for them after the end of every module. Students need to know how hard they must work to achieve their course objectives. Attach these objectives where they can always go to check it and know if they are progressing or not. Encourage your students to practice ahead of the class to make learning more effective and exciting. Doing this will positively engage them in an online school. They need to stay in track and plan ahead.

Introduce active learning

Educators usually provide students with long notes in a physical school. They do this to help them know more about what they are learning. This strategy cannot work in an online class. The best way to teach is to encourage active participation of students. To do this, you need them to engage in active discussions in the virtual classroom. You can tell give them a task and tell them to submit a short video clip submitting it. Another way is to inform them of the next topic and ask them to prepare ahead of the class. Once online class start, open the class and let them teach themselves. Encourage them to engage in healthy discussions with their peers. If they have any question, you can provide answers.

Multimedia assessments

Assessments are important part of education irrespective of its method. It is necessary for teachers to know the performance of the students they are teaching. They need to be aware if they are improving or not and the only way to do this is through regular assessments. When you give your students assessment in an online school, you should encourage them to submit it with technology. This means they should present their assignments using video clips, audio clips, or even power points. This is a way to make online class exciting and educative for your students. They get to express themselves in ways they cannot with papers. It is also another way of helping them build their tech skills.

Encourage teamwork

The only relationship your students have with themselves in an online learning environment is through the screen. Team work is an integral part of learning and you need to encourage it in your virtual classroom. There are students who do not participate in class because they are introverts or just not interested. You can keep them interested by splitting them in groups of 2 or 4. This will let them meet after class to work and collaborate on their tasks. Ensure the teams are not too large to avoid in-coordination. Every student in a team needs to participate actively.


In summary, online learning can be more beneficial and effective than traditional learning with the right strategy. This post mentioned some of the best strategies to use as an educator when dealing with students in an online school.

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