How to Generate Calendar in CorelDraw With just 8 steps

Written by Abe Cherian

There are several things you can achieved with the help of CorelDraw; as we know, CorelDraw is actually a problem solving software. One of these several things it does is that, it enables you to generate or design calendar, and it allows you to insert various images including your picture in your created Calendar. When you’re done using this tutorial, I’d also like you to check this related tutorial; How to Design ID card in CorelDraw. It’s sure to really help you.

calender design in coreldraw

So, what is Calendar? It’s a tubular array of days which are usually one year. In other words, it’s a systematic way of timekeeping which actually makes it clear the beginning and length and division of the year.

It’s very unique in human activities, we cannot underestimated its usefulness. A list or register of events (appointments or social events or other cases) am referring to; in terms of life events like your birthday, wedding, work schedules, all manners of anniversaries, and so forth. It enables us to plan ahead of our events, and we know life is full of events. So one will agreed with me that Calendar is very relevant to human endeavours. Therefore, you are going to learn how to design calendar in CorelDraw.

CorelDraw actually allows you to generate it automatically with drawing. On this publication, am going to be showing you step by steps on how to generate or design Calendar in CorelDraw.

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The following steps should be taken into cognition when you want to design calendar in CorelDraw. Before now, you are expected to know how to access CorelDraw program on a computer.

Steps on How To Design Calendar in CorelDraw

  1. Click on the menu bar tools, scroll down to visual basic
  2. Click on visual basic editor, in the flyout (Alt + F11) for short cut
  3. a visual basic window will display, click on tools on menu bar, scroll down to macros and click
  4. On the macros window, click on the macros-in: select drop down ( Calendar )
  5. Click on the Calendar wizard
  6. Click on create Calendar on the ducker and click run

Step 7: Make all the necessary adjustments on the display box/wizard. Such as expand; fonts; margins; pageout fonts; effects; Calendar format

how to design calendar in coreldraw

Step 8: Click generate

Note that: All the necessary adjustment can still be make at draw window. how to design calendar in coreldraw

In the case you want bar code on your Calendar, follow this steps.

4 Steps on How to create Bar code

1: Click on edit on the menu bar

2: scroll to insert bar code, and click

3: Select industry standard format of choice and click next

4: Make necessary adjustment and click next.

 Steps on how to generate Bar code

I am glad you now know how to create or design Calendar in CorelDraw and Bar code.

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