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How to Detect and Block Unknown calls

Written by Abe Cherian

At the past, I have been disturbed by unknown phone numbers, for various nefarious and scandals reasons. This can be thought provoking, sometime make me loss important calls, as a result of believing that is the same unknown number that is still the one calling. In search to finding solution to this awkward act of some persons, that is knowing the number that is calling irrespective of what it display on the phone screen when calling ( unknown, Private or irrelevant code numbers), and the possible means of blocking such calls I came across several Apps that are very helpful.

First of foremost, what is actually unknown call? This is a situation where an incoming call ID is not review to the receiver. In the phone screen of the receiver, it either displays unknown number or private, sometime displays irrelevant code numbers or just a sign of an incoming call.

For some reasons, must persons don’t like receiving an unknown caller. In this publication, I will explain various Applications that are very helpful to detect unknown caller number and possibly block it if necessary. Most unknown calls can be threatening or obscene calls. If you had been threatened or blackmailed with unknown caller and you what to know the number or block it from reaching you, I strongly believe you will found these Apps very necessary.

Is also obvious that most kidnappers use unknown number to reach their victim love ones for ransoms, especially when the victim is not with phone at the point of kidnap. Some of these Apps enable you to know the direction in which the kidnapper is calling from despite the unknown number used. That is some of these Apps can be helpful to counter some forms of terrorism or security threat.

These Applications includes the followings:

  1. Call Detector
  2. Whos call
  3. Trap call
  4. True caller
  5. Unknown call info
  6. Who is calling?
  7. Red phone
  8. Mr. Number
  9. Private caller
  10. CIA-Caller ID
  11. No show
  12. Who’s calling?
  13. Fetch That Number. And others.

Detect and Block Unknown calls

Call Detector: is an application that gives you the freedom to block an unwanted or private phone call that disturbs you and also alert you when telemarker is calling. Though is premium App, Call Detector offers seven (7) days trail for the functionality. At the end of trail period, it provides free Scam Blocking and Complain against offending callers. Note all features are available during trial, also available when you subscribed.

For details and download you can follow this link: Call detector

Whos call: The application identifies incoming calls as whether important or unwanted callers. It is a caller ID and number management mobile App created and owned by Gogolook. The features includes: Block unwanted calls and SMS, Instance caller ID identification, Identify background info of incoming unwanted or unknown calls, Report number, Over 700 million phone number data based, Android higher version and can be use on phones with dual SIM slot for each.

unknown calls

For further details on Whos call click here

Trap Call: This is another App that put an end to harassing calls. Trap call is offered by Tel Tech Systems, its basic unmasking service is free and the option of blacklisting unwanted callers by phone number. Is also enable you record incoming calls conversation as an evidence for either police or related agencies if occasion demand for. It has over 850,000 trust users across the globe.

Click here to download and get other relevant info about Trap Call

True call: This great App developed by True Software Scandinavia AB, helps you identify unknown incoming calls, it can also helps block unwanted callers. True call is functional in  Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Symbian and iPhone with the followings features: Search for any number to see who it belong to, it helps discover people you may know but have lost contact details to, automatically enrich you contacts with information and photos from True caller and various social networks. That is you can tweet and follow a person on twitter direct from True caller. Have free download here

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