How to Develop ICT Skills Along Your Chosen Career



I often tell my students to develop as much as they can when it comes to ICT skills, especially as related to that chosen career.

The more technical you are with your ICT skills, the more relevance and powerful you become in any given organization. If I may ask, what can you do on the computer? Imagined you are employed with a given computer and you are expected to manage your workload with it.

Let’s take this scenario for an instance; if you were to be an employer of labours, and your establishment is in need of young accountant. This will bring in several applications to your table. Often, you will discover there are several similarities with them, e.g they are all degree holders of Accountancy, sometimes with a closed grade.

What then do you look out for the purpose of selecting for the position? If not personal skills like ICT skills as related to accountancy.This to say; any applicant with more related ICT skill like Database management skill would be more likely to be consider and more eligible for the position. I often tell persons to prepare for any eventuality when it comes to jobs. Note: when preparation meets opportunity, the result effect is usually success.

How you can make it big with additional ICT Skill Today

Nolly Technologies is set to prepare you for those waiting opportunities. We make you caved an edge over your competitors. The job market is actually competitive in Nigeria, but with good level of ICT skills you can dictate your choice of job.

To scream-line this; it’s very vital for everyone to have basic computer skills like MS suit. As much as this, it’s very key-in to have additional ICT skill that is related to your field or career path; before seeking for that your dream job. It will give you competitive advantage to secure the desired job.

The Importance of ICT skills

Accountant: Apart from the basic knowledge on computer, the use of Word, Power point and Excel there are other financial transaction packages such as Peachtree, Quickbooks. This is additional ICT skills that can make a different in your career.

You should be advanced in the used of Spreadsheet and its formulas. Payroll soft, ADP and Paychex, each uses proprietary software to enable clients to enter the data needed to prepare the payroll. Are you an accountant out there looking for a job without any of these skills? You are making difficult for yourself.

You can be a Database administrators have the potential to earn a high wage. A database administrator builds and maintains custom databases to meet the specific data needs of a company or organization. The job requires certification in one or more forms of platforms, such as Oracle or Juniper, which we offer in Nollytech Institute, as well as good communication skills to determine the multiple purposes that a system will be used for within an office.

Network Security: imagine yourself as security personnel with good knowledge on cyber security. This will put you on the dashboard in organizational management, if you are web engineer or computer science graduates with this ICT skill you’ll do well, and have jobs at your disposal.

Network security experts build firewalls, install antivirus software on servers and computers within a network, and monitor networks for breaches in security. Individuals in computer careers such as this that specialize in one kind of systems maintenance usually work for large companies or organizations with particularly sensitive data, such as investment firms, insurance companies and government agencies.

Teaching Job: it more lucrative and relevance to have spreadsheet knowledge; in recording class tests and exams than the analogue method. Your employer tend to see you to be more organized and updated in form of recording data than the other person seeking the same position without spreadsheet knowledge.

free ICT skillsThis applies to other disciplines; it will do you good to have multiple ICT skills. Even though you don’t have a defined career, you can build your career around a particular ICT program like web developer, Graphic design, Software Engineer, System Analyst etc. don’t procrastinate, take action now.

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