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How To Download And Use The Uber Application Effectively

Uber application is now available in the 5 continents.
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You can join Uber provided that they have no restrictions in your country. In this article, I will share with you how to download the Uber application and make use of it effectively.
First of all, ensure that you have your android or iPhone.

Downloading Uber

Downloading the Uber application involves 2 categories which are downloading for iPhone and downloading for android. If you want to download the Uber driver application for iPhone, you can get it by clicking on t.uber.com/driver app. If you want to download the Uber driver application for your android, you simply go to Google Play Store.

Using The Driver Application

Texting Your Passenger

This is one of the ways of telling your passenger that you are around the corner. It helps them to locate your car in busy areas. To do this just click on the clipboard icon which is in the upper left corner. You will see a contact button. On certain occasions of this application, tapping the contact will show you which of the number and options for calling and messaging. You can send them a text by tapping the call button so as to copy the number into the dial screen of your phone. Majority of the phones have a dialer button to move the number into the text message. Go to the messaging or menu icon on your screen.

Note that in certain markets, Uber makes use of static VOIP number for all the passengers. You can text or call one static number each time you are taking up a passenger, simply dial or text the static number and Uber will forward your call or text to your current customer. One good thing about this is that the number can be saved into your contacts.

Checking Surge Pricing

The days are gone for checking the map for surge pricing each 10 minutes. Now you can check using the current version for surge notifications. You can set the level of surge that you will get the notified for ( from 1.1 to 2.0x) by tapping Account>Settings>Surge Pricing.

Getting More Pings

Prices are based on close locations and to maximize requests you have to get yourself out of over saturated zones.
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Simply download the passenger application and when you open it, you will see drivers in that location and that will tell you the range of drivers in that area.

Using The Passenger Application

Changing Of Your Drivers ETA ( Estimated Time Of Arrival)

Uber Application
Uber rides is based on the closest driver unless you happen to be at the airport or some large events. If it happens that your first driver did not accept on time, the request automatically reassigns a new driver making you to get a new ETA.

Adding An Additional Stop To Your Ride

It is better to enter your destinations into the application rather than just giving verbal directions. This enables Uber to track your trip for insurance reasons and also eliminates unnecessary confusion and wrong turns. For multiple stops enter the destination into the Uber application. You can tell the driver not to end the trip when you get there.
Uber Driver
Tap the search bar for destinations and then change it to your next stop.

Viewing Your Passenger Rating

Uber Application
Uber have kept this in the menus and to find it, simply tap the menu button at the upper left corner and click Help>Account>I’d like to know my rating and then you can view your passenger rating.
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