How to Download Manycam Old Version


This article will teach you how to download Manycam old version and install it for Windows and Mac. ManyCam is free software that enables you to use your webcam for live video streaming, video calls, and chat, on the different applications simultaneously. There are also features for adding live graphics effects and filters to the video feeds. So using Manycam will improve your live streaming of videos with its fabulous live video tools. And you can get the free and paid versions of this service. The paid will enable you to provide professional streaming, video conferences, and online classes easily. Also, ManyCam Live video tools like Chroma Key, multiple video sources and picture-in-picture to effects are exceptional. Also, ManyCam has launched a new product called ManyCam 7, with a simpler user interface and it is more intuitive. Other features of this software include improved general performance and better Chroma Key with superior smoothing.

manycam old version

You also have the live Drag, drop and resize effects, the capacity to add animated GIFs effects and drawing tool having shapes and stamps. However, you can get the newest version and download it on the official website. Moreover, you can get the manycam video switcher and live broadcasting app free for your smart devices from the Apple store and Google play store. Besides, you can download former versions of ManyCam from the page set up for it. And the old versions are in three groups for both Windows and Mac operating systems. So, if you are a customer and you have licenses for old versions, you can download ManyCam using the links provided for you. Finally, let us move to the area you have been waiting for and give you the steps you need to get manycam old version right away.

How to download manycam old version

Steps to get manycam old version

manycam old version

  1. Visit the Manycam webpage set up for the old version software
  2. Go through the list of 3 categories to choose the software you like to download
  3. So, choose from archived version, the software that supports activation codes and the application that supports subscriptions including converted ones.
  4. Next, select your platform for either Windows or Mac operating system
  5. And click on the software link you prefer.
  6. At this point, the manycam Installer.exe file or .dmg will download onto your computer screen.
  7. And then you will see a dialogue box that prompts you to Save File.
  8. So click on Save File to save the ManyCam Installer Application unto your computer default download folder.
  9. That is how to download manycam old version.

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How to install the Manycam software

After downloading the software, the next thing you should do is to install it.

  1. So, find the .exe file for Windows or .dmg for macOS in the download folder of your computer
  2. And then double click the ManyCamSetup_v4xxx.exe. or .dmg file to open and extract the setup files.
  3. Next, you should follow Setup instructions and let the installation complete.
  4. And after setup is complete, you can launch the ManyCam application from your desktop or the start menu.
  5. And start using the features of the Manycam service.
  6. That is how to download Manycam old version and install it.

Features of ManyCam you would love

Here are some features of Manycam that you should know now that you have Manycam old version.

  • stream to Facebook and YouTube
  • green screen
  • virtual webcam
  • picture in picture
  • media source switcher
  • 3D masks and effects
  • multiple video sources
  • performance
  • desktop screencasting
  • web source
  • direct camera setting control
  • 4k video support
  • YouTube integration
  • game streaming
  • Multiple channel broadcasting
  • video playlist
  • And more.

Plans and Prices of the Newly Launched Manycam software

After using the Manycam old version, you many consider the newly launched Manycam 7. Hence, you need to know the plans and prices. There are plans for individuals and businesses. All plans, have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The individual plan starts from Standard at $27/year, Studio at $49/year and Premium at $69 /year. And the business plan starts from Enterprise 2 at $99/year, Enterprise 5 at $179/year and Enterprise 10 at $279/year.

You can learn more about the individual and business plan’s features.


In this post, I explained how to download Manycam old version. Also, getting the old version is not hard. All you have to do is to visit the webpage set up for this purpose, select a category and choose your platform. Next, click on the suitable link and download and install your Manycam app instantly. Try it now and share your experience through the comment form on this website.


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